New Years Eve Rocks in Disneyland

Disney knows how to do everything in style and ringing in the New Year is no exception. Check out how they'll be celebrating at Disney California Adventure Park! Oh how I wish I was there!!

I hope you all have a safe and fabulous New Years celebration. We'll be popping a bottle of Dom Perignon, Vintage 1992 at home this year. 
I'm looking forward to watching "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2012" beginning at 10:00 p.m., ET from New York for the big news from Disney. Wonder what it will be? Some folks are speculating new park hours for 2012. What do you think it will be?

Have a Happy Healthy New Year!  


Almost Wordless Wednesday ~ Happy New Year!

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As the New Year approaches I thought it would be fun to go with a timely theme this week. 

Your Calendar Shot!
So the question is...If you were to make a 2012 calendar, which one of your Disney pictures would you use for the cover? It was a tough choice for me. I couldn't decide if I wanted to go with a cherished family photo or a photo I really like and have used as my screensaver for a long time. So, rather than pick one to represent the whole year I chose one for the month of January.
After you've decided on a picture for your calendar you may want to check out this link to a site where you can create and print a your own free photo calendar.


Merry Musical Christmas from our family

Today I'm sending out my Christmas musical message and since I haven't sent you a card, please consider this your very own Christmas video card;) 

Just a little background on the video. Our family loves all kinds of music! Each Christmas for years our family has gotten together to carole and play music of the season. From young to old, everyone participates in their own way. 
In this video are a few of my family favorites from our collection. My MIL is the soloist (with a little help from me) on "O' Holy Night". My husband, Paul is the male vocalist on the "Christmas Song". He's also the musician and recording artist. His talents are amazing and we've gotta love multi-tracking for letting him put it all together:)
You may recognize the holiday pictures from the Disney Candlelight Processional, Holiday Illuminations, Osborne Lights and holiday scenes in Disney World.
I hope you enjoy our very merry musical Christmas. 


Thanks for stopping by.  


Disney Vacation Club Season's Greetings

We're Counting down to Christmas with merry holiday posts! Come along and join the fun!

Today's merry post is actually from The Disney Vacation Club! Have I told you how much I love my DVC membership? Yup, a few times, lol, and with good reason. It's provided my family with happy Disney memories since 1997 when we became members at The Boardwalk Villas. The folks at Disney Vacation Club just sent me a really neat Holiday Greeting Video and I'd like to share the love with you...

Jingle Click on Mickey's bag of presents or click here..


Wordless Wednesday ~ MVMCP Santa

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The theme this week is

Disney Side Holiday Ornament Tradition at Home

It's the holiday season! The best time of year! Time to decorate the tree, bake cookies, wrap up all the gifts for our loved ones. It truly is the most magical time of year for me.

I love all of our festive family traditions for Christmas, but most of all I love sharing them with my family.

One of our family traditions is collecting Christmas ornaments. I've been collecting them since before we were married and set up our first Christmas tree, 35 years ago. We have antique ornaments, handmade crafty ornaments, ornaments from our travels and of course Disney ornaments.

I usually have three Christmas trees each year. One main tree in the living room, a small tree in the den with miniature Disney ornaments on it and a big spruce tree outside way in the back yard for the animals, we call that one the Snow White tree.

Our traditional living room tree has gone retro this year. I'd take a picture of it but it's still a work in progress. After 35 years of little white lights, we have added a few old fashioned C7's with real antique reflectors and bubble lights. Not a lot but enough add some color. It's quite a change after all these.

There are many Disney ornaments on it. Each trip I take to Disney I bring back an ornament representing a special occasion that happened that year. There is one for our purchase of Disney vacation Club (DVC) in 1997, one for DS, Peter's citizenship I bought on the cruise to celebrate, and the list goes on and on.
All representing milestones of magic in our family.

Each one has a special story attached to it, but one that caught my eye today was from dear son's early childhood. When he was little, I was always looking for a way to encourage reading and to prolong the magic of Christmas morning. 

We usually unwrap presents first and stockings last. I decided to leave a little treasure map in his stocking which if he could decipher the clues, would lead him to a gift. He loved reading and mysteries, so when he discovered it in his stocking off he went around the house following each clue to the next spot. I forget all the clues. I think they were clever and fun and involved Christmas and the story of Christmas. Hmm, well maybe not that memorable since I can't recall them now. I do remember the last clue was to find the second star to the right.

After hunting around looking for stars he looked up. Way up high on the Christmas tree were two stars. The first was a twinkling star ornament and the second was a star ornament that opened like a box with Mickey on it.

Inside the box were Disney park tickets. He knew the minute he opened the box what they were and what they meant. It was a magical moment!

We had made the reservations, bought the tickets and planned our trip for February, staying at The Yacht Club all as a surprise. What a great trip it was!

The little star box is still hung on the tree each Christmas.
Do you have a Disney holiday tradition?

Happy Holidays!  


The ABC's of Disney ~ The Letter Y

This week we're focused on the letter "Y"
Yikes,  we're almost finished with the alphabet!

Yacht & Beach Club


Wordless Wednesday ~ Osborne Lights Spectacular

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The Holidays at Disney ~ Cinderella's Holiday Wish

Each night as the daylight hours come to a close during the holiday season, Cinderella's Castle in The Magic Kingdom is transformed into a glimmering, shimmering ice palace during the “Cinderella’s Holiday Wish" stage show. 


The ABC's of Disney ~ The Letter X

This week we're focused on the letter "X"
This was a tough one for goes

Disney Xmas Tree


A Disney Holiday Photo Story of The Magic Kingdom

Focused on the Magic

Today we're focusing our Countdown to Christmas on the holiday decorations on Main Street, USA in The Magic Kingdom. 


Wordless Wednesday ~ Cinderella's Holiday Wish

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The theme for this week is 


Cinderella's Holiday Wish


Happy Birthday Walt Disney

 Today is the 110th birthday of Walt Disney! The man behind the mouse, creator of the happiest and most magical places on earth, Imagineer of the best animated films, and our beloved Disney characters. He left us an amazing legacy for generations to enjoy.

It is also my DS, Peter's birthday today. He came about sharing his birthday with Walt Disney in an unusual way. We chose this date. Really, no kidding! 


The ABC's of Disney ~ The Letter W

Today we're focused on the Disney ABC's letter "W" 

Walt Disney...


Let the countdown begin...

It's December, time to start the Christmas CountdownWe'll be focusing merry posts on the magic of Christmas in the Disney parks and at home, right through to Christmas Eve on the 24th of December.
Tis the season for sharing the magic, so link up your merry Disney Holiday inspired post below and spread the joy!
photo courtesy of  The Disney Parks Blog


Wordless Wednesday ~ The Muppets Water Works

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Muppet Mania Monday

Today, I thought it would be fun to take a break from Cyber Monday shopping and share a few videos on this Muppet Mania Monday!

Why Muppet Mania Monday? In case you hadn't noticed Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and the rest of the Muppet gang came back to theaters this week with the release of “The Muppets,” directed by James Bobin and starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams, causing a rebirth of Muppet Mania across the web. If you haven't seen the movie trailer a few too many times already, it's in my post here. 

Oh, and before you read any further, this is not a review of the Muppet movie. That would be like asking me to review the Star Wars Trilogy. I'm too much of a fan! All I can say is, if you loved watching the Muppets or you want to share the love and introduce your little ones to them...
Go See It!


The ABC's of Disney ~ The Letter V

Today we're focused on the magic of Disney ABC's. Moving right along in the alphabet we have arrived at the letter "V"
It wasn't as tough as the letter U, which I forgot to link up to the hop until today:P 

Via Napoli


The ABC's of Disney ~ The Letter U

This week we're focused on the magic of Disney ABC's. Moving along we have come to the letter "U". This was a tough one for goes

 Ugly but Good at Via Napoli


Almost Wordless Wednesday ~ Thanks for the Memories

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This statue of Roy O. Disney seated on a park bench with Minnie Mouse is located in the Town Square section of Main Street, U.S.A., at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Roy Oliver Disney, Walt Disney's brother postponed his retirement to oversee construction of his brothers dream, Walt Disney World. On October 25th, 1971, Roy dedicated Walt Disney World in a nationally televised ceremony. Roy died two months after the dedication on December 20, 1971. 


Disney Thanksgiving Meme

While we are all busy preparing for the big feast and for family and friends to gather, a fun Disney Thanksgiving meme just might be the answer for both bloggers and readers.

This is based on a word game our family plays on Thanksgiving. Someone picks a word that's related to Thanksgiving. Going around the table each person says what they are thankful for using the letters in the word chosen.

Here, I'm putting a Disney spin on the words for each letter with pictures.
You can use a different Thanksgiving word in your post if you'd like just keep the answers in a  Disney style. A few words that come to mind: Thankful, Turkey, Pie, Food, Family, Feast, Faith, get the idea.



Making Magical Memories in NYC

If you're visiting NYC, stop by Times Square for some extra special magical memories! As part of Mickey's birthday celebration a big screen is set up high above The Disney Store on Broadway at 45th St. 
All are welcome to partake, as you can see from this awesome video from Disney Parks!! I might hop on the train tomorrow just to see this!!

The ABC's of Disney ~ The Letter T

Today, we're focused on the magic of Disney with my good friend Heidi at Destination Disney for The ABC's of Disney Blog Hop!
We're moving along through the alphabet focusing each week on alphabet letter inspired posts. This week's letter is "T"


Happy Birthday 84th Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse, is celebrating his 83rd birthday today. It was on November 18, 1928, when Mickey made his official film debut in "Steamboat Willie". It's still a favorite cartoon of mine. In honor of Mickey's birthday...


Wordless Wednesday ~ M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

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My Disney Shopping List

When I first read that our topic this month was Our Disney Shopping List, I wasn't sure which way I wanted to go with it. I'm a list maker by nature. If I’m visiting the parks around the holidays that list gets pretty long as I really enjoy bringing home special Christmas gifts. On it I have those things I may want for myself and things that I think my family, friends and fur-babies might enjoy. 

At home, I always have a shopping list with me and sometimes a coupon or two. I like the saving of coupons but I'm not a faithful fan of clipping and organizing them. I'll use one if I have it with me and would have bought the item anyway.  

Discount shopping coupons, although an unusual sight to behold in WDW can be found randomly printed at the bottom of counter service receipts right around the holidays. Some restrictions apply as to where you can use them and the times of day they can be used. 
After accumulating a few coupons I decided one holiday season I would use take the opportunity to shop at MouseGears in Epcot and the coupons I didn't use I would pass along to another guest. MouseGears offered the best selection for items on my holiday shopping list and there was a gift with purchase. How could I not try to fill my Disney shopping list with great savings?
I made sure our touring plans put me in Epcot and MouseGears on the right day and time to allow time to shop and use the coupon. It was extremely crowded with holiday shoppers. I managed to pick out many gifts on my list and get on the long line to purchase about a 1/2 hour before the coupon would expire. As it happened it was also training day for CMs on the register. Oh, how I felt for them!

Fortunately DH wasn't with me as he would never have had the patients to shop, wait on line and use a coupon. Especially in WDW! 

I always bring back tins of Disney coffee, chocolates and cookies. The tins make a great gift and they pack well for travel. Unfortunately, it was only after waiting in line for 45 minutes and finally reaching the cash register did I find out they will not send food items such as  cookies and chocolates to your room or to the parcel pick up at the main entrance! The reasoning was that they couldn't keep it cool in transit and in storage. On top of that my coupon had expired while I was waiting on line! The CM decided to honor the coupon but couldn't help with delivering my food purchases.

This was a huge disappointment for me as these were a big part of my shopping list. I would have to carry them around all day, go all the way back to Saratoga Springs to drop them off or store them in a locker in the park. Even though storing them in a locker wasn't my favorite choice it seemed to please Peter who was waiting patiently to get on with his day at Epcot. 

Well, the lockers were too small for the packages. At this point we were both melting ourselves and ready to leave. Then I remembered that the Camera Center had a bag pick up area many years ago and it might very well be cool. They used it to store film in the old days before digital and film spoils in the heat. It was worth a try! We made our way over to the Camera Care Center and sure enough the CM's there were happy to store my bags for the day in a nice cool storage area.

Peter was happy to finally get on with his day at the park and I was happy I got to check a few things off my holiday shopping list.

The chocolates and cookies were all well received. I even kept one of the tins for storage and a reminder of our shopping adventure. 
The best souvenir from that day was for our fur-baby Einstein. It WAS (there's one piece left) a set of toys in the shape of Mickey body parts. Einstein had a blast carrying Mickey’s hand around in his mouth and cuddling up to it until it fell apart. 

Another favorite gift from that day was an oven mitt which at the moment I can't find to take a picture of so I borrowed a pic from The Disney Store. It's $11.95 which is the same price as it is at MouseGears (without the coupon discount;). 
I’ll be doing my Disney Christmas shopping from home this year. It won't be as exciting as my park holiday shopping experience but The Disney Store is offering a 20% coupon that expires at midnight with free shipping for purchases of $75 or more and I can shop in my pj's:D  

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a Magical Day! 
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