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Happy Birthday Walt Disney

 Today is the 110th birthday of Walt Disney! The man behind the mouse, creator of the happiest and most magical places on earth, Imagineer of the best animated films, and our beloved Disney characters. He left us an amazing legacy for generations to enjoy.

It is also my DS, Peter's birthday today. He came about sharing his birthday with Walt Disney in an unusual way. We chose this date. Really, no kidding! 

When I was in Russia finalizing the papers for Peter's adoption, the Russian Office of Records asked me if I wanted to pick another birthday. It was listed as December 1st. They explained it might not be accurate and if I'd like to change it I could. After recovering from my shock at such a suggestion, I said yes.
It didn't take me long to come up with a new date of December 5th. At the time I couldn't recall why that date just popped into my head like a pixie dusted lightening bolt. 
All the way back to the hotel I racked my brain trying to think of why I picked that date. I initially thought it might be the late enrollment for school here in the US. Which would be an advantage for him as he spoke only Russian and it would give him time to acclimate.
It wasn't until I was back in my hotel room thinking back on the days events that I realized I had picked Walt Disney's birthday!

So we say thank you to Walt Disney, for giving our son a memorable birth date and we wish you both a very Happy Birthday!

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  1. I love that you just gravitated to that date not knowing why.  Does Peter know the story?

  2. He loves his adoption story and the Walt Disney connection! 

  3. He loves his adoption story and the Walt Disney connection!

  4. Sweet, sweet story.

    My oldest daughter has a birthday on December 4th...but it was the 5th just one time zone away.

  5. Beth D.8:17 PM

    What a beautiful story, Deb!  


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