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Wordless Wednesday ~ MVMCP Santa

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  1. MouseFanDiane9:34 PM

    Beautiful picture Deb -- I love the close up of Santa's Sleigh

  2. Awesome photo! Santa waved and winked at me at the parade in November. I felt like a little kid again. :)

  3. Thanks Diane! It's one of my favorite parts of the MVMCP parade! #disney

  4. Thank you Melissa! Awesome! What a great feeling that must have been!

  5. Metzal9:40 AM

    I love that parade!  Great photo!  It really brings back great memories!  Happy Christmas!

  6. I LOVE this picture Deb! I only wish I could be there right now. AWESOME!

  7. disneymom2jhe10:27 AM

    Love this shot!  I have got to get down to WDW during the holiday season!  Thanks for hosting as always!

  8. Christina Mumpower10:40 AM

    That's a great photo! I haven't seen this parade before but I really want to.

    Christina ~ Disney in our Blood

  9. I'm back in the saddle again ... love this week's theme "Joy"!  Thanks so much for hosting this hop, Deb - you do a fantastic job :)

  10. DisneyDonnaKay12:19 PM

    Love this picture Deb!! Merry Christmas!!

  11. Amy@DisneyLiving12:44 PM

    Great picture! Thanks for hosting again. Hope you have a very merry Christmas!

  12. Thank you! I love the MVMCP...wish I could beam myself over to it tonight:) #Disney #WordlessWednesdayBlogHop

  13. Love this shot! I've never seen Santa during the parade at WDW. Did meet up with him over at Downtown Disney during the holidays...and once...I sat next to him at Voyage of the Little Mermaid during the off season.

  14. Alyssa Ray12:59 AM

    Such a great shot! I love that you can even see the snowflakes falling on Santa. :)

  15. Manda5:34 AM

    Oh beautiful!! :D Thanks for hosting the hop again Debs! :D 

  16. Distherapy2:33 PM

    MVMCP joy- up close and personal.  What a great parade!!


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