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The ABC's of Disney ~ The Letter T

Today, we're focused on the magic of Disney with my good friend Heidi at Destination Disney for The ABC's of Disney Blog Hop!
We're moving along through the alphabet focusing each week on alphabet letter inspired posts. This week's letter is "T"

Thankful for Thanksgiving & Turkey!!
Trimmings on the tree

 Toys under the tree...
 Tiger time-out
 Tuba time

 Tiny carousel


 Tin Man and Toto
 Tall giraffe
 Timothy Q. Mouse

More "T" alphabet fun can be found at Destination Disney and The ABC's of Disney Blog Hop! check them out!

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Thanksgiving! 


  1. Heidi6:18 PM

    Wow - I absolutely LOVE that first picture - what a great perspective shot! :)  You are SO creative with the camera.  The close-up of Timon is my 2nd favorite this week.

  2. Thanks Heidi, I had fun this week with the T's. Timon got in my face..literally !!


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