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Reflections of China

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I know what you're thinking. You saw this posted on the Magical Blogorail Loop. Sorry, but I really love the architecture of The Temple of Heaven in the China Pavilion and I especially love it at night with the shadows and lights reflecting in the serene waters of the pond. 

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  1. Definitely a postcard or wall art. I'd have this one hanging if it were mine.  Perfect!!

  2. JenniferLissak7:13 PM

    Beautiful picture! This makes me even more excited - as I'm heading to China (supposedly) in October with work!! Eek!

  3. JenniferLissak7:13 PM

    And it looks like this is in one of the cities we will be visiting - I'll have to take pictures and compare!

  4. DebSays7:35 PM

    Wow Jenn, that is so exciting!! You get to see the real China!! You have to keep us posted about this big event...and if you don't we'll bug you for all the details anyway:)

  5. DebSays7:40 PM

    Thanks so much Lucinda!! That's a great idea, I may just do it. I haven't hung any of my pictures since... I don't remember!

  6. Mouse Fan Diane9:02 PM

    I love it, it is so beautiful with the lights. Lucinda is right. I love the reflection in the water too.

  7. 400 Miles to Disneyland12:25 AM

    debs, you should be the official WDW photographer!!  All of your photos are simply stunning and showcases WDW at its best.

  8. Such an amazing shot!  Your pics are just wonderful :)  Thanks again for hosting the blog hop!

  9. Donna Kay Anderson9:55 AM

    FABULOUS, as usual!! I always love your photography!!

  10. Wow, what a great picture.

  11. Kristen Kirk11:55 AM

    Beautiful shot of the Temple today.  I have real problems when it comes to taking night shots.  I need to get a tripod and learn more about exposure.  I've got a fairly boring spaceship earth picture up today.

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  13. Manda9:55 AM

    Amazing shot Debs! :D

  14. An absolutely stunning picture!!!


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