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Favorite World Showcase Pavilion

The World Showcase is the best part of Epcot for me. I love that I can tour the world (11 countries of it) in an afternoon experiencing foreign cultures and dining on exotic cuisine. Each pavilion is a unique experience and tough to compare. Picking one favorite is sort of like choosing a favorite dessert. It depends quite a bit on my mood. 

While I was writing a post last week, Epcot's Hidden Treasures, I realized just how much I enjoy visiting The China Pavilion. The atmosphere, art, cuisine, culture and beautiful architecture intrigues me and one day I hope to visit the real China - Ni hao (nee HOW)

The China Pavilion opened with Epcot in 1982. Since then guests have entered the pavilion through a large classic Paifang gate. This gate is beautiful to look at during the daytime with it's elaborate design, but at night during Illuminations with the fireworks bursting behind it, it glows.

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When you walk into the pavilion you will notice the The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest in the center with Chinese garden waterscapes surrounding it creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere. It's so nice to just relax and take in the scenery and atmosphere.
Attractions: The centerpiece of the pavilion is the three-tiered, circular Temple of Heaven which is a one-half scale reproduction of the original, built in 1420, during the Ming dynasty. It was visited annually by the Ming and Qing emperors to pray to the God of Heaven for good harvests inside the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest.

Each pillar represents a season. The blue tiles represent the sky and green the earth. The acoustics inside the dome are amazing. If you stand in the center (there's a cobble stone placed there) you can hear whispering throughout the room and hear yourself as others would hear you.

Reflections of China is a movie presentation about China, it's people, cities and countryside that is projected on 9 screens in a panorama giving guest a 360º viewing experience. Circle-Vision 360 is breathtaking as you soar to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China.

In 2006 the Tomb Warriors: Guardian Spirits of Ancient China exhibit in The House of the Whispering Willows gallery was added to The China Pavilion.

The exhibit is a display of Chinese burial art. The Tomb Warriors are scaled versions of those found in the first Emperor's tomb that dates back 2,000 years. 

There are two dining locations in The China Pavilion. Nine Dragons is a table service restaurant that I really enjoy. The menu is here, thanks to AllEars.
We've always been very pleased with the service and food. The price is right too! Especially the Tsingtao Beer!!!
The Lotus Blossom Cafe is and indoor/outdoor counter serve restaurant. You can find the menu here, again thanks to AllEars. I enjoy the food here and sitting outside in the courtyard looking down the walkway you really feel like you're in China. Try the Pot Stickers!!!

I enjoy strolling leisurely, taking pictures enjoying the atmosphere but I also like to shop at 
The Yong Feng Shangdian ("Bountiful Harvest") gallery. I love browsing the fine silk robes and genuine Chinese jade figurines, rosewood furniture, rugs, clothing, silk items, toys and collectibles. I always find interesting  souvenirs to bring home.

The China Pavilion was host to a music video which I posted here.

The Dragon Legend Acrobats - These young students of the Pu Yang school acrobatic perform gravity defying feats with plates tables chairs and each other. Perfectly choreographed and precisely synchronized. Unfortunately, I understand they may not be entertaining in the World Showcase in the future. I hope I'm wrong. They are amazing!

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