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Almost Wordless Wednesday ~ Follow The Yellow Brick Road

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Everybody neat and pretty?
Then on to our first stop on the hop.....Follow The Yellow Brick Road
This pic was taken during a very magical Great Movie Ride. 

If you read my post from yesterday you'll know that I'm a huge Wizard of Oz fan. You can read it here.

On this trip I brought my manual Nikkor 50mm 1.2 lens. The lens is truly a classic and highly collectable but it never makes it on trips to the parks anymore. I sometimes use it at home. It's been replaced by my newer lighter digital fast lenses. On this particular day I was visiting DHS by myself playing around with the 50mm when I decided to try it on GMR's low light.
 In order to swap the lens on my DSLR I needed to rest it on something. There's a garbage can in front of The Chinese Theater and I thought that would be a good place to open my bag and change lenses. Just as I plopped the bag down I was greeted by two friendly cast members. They seemed curious about what I was doing and I explained I was changing lenses for the GMR attraction. They offered assistance and I accepted handing them a lens to hold since my bag was spread across the garbage can at this point. I finished swapping the lens and then started making adjustments because with a this prime lens you have to set everything. The f-stop, ISO, speed all of it. In addition to focusing manually. This is something I try to do outside as I can't see once I'm on the ride. 

Meanwhile, streams of people were pouring in and the queue was now outside. I didn't mind as I was solo and planned on fiddling with my settings anyway.

The "lead" CM asked if I'd like to be in front. I said oh yes! I thought maybe he meant the queue but I was up for front of anything. The next thing I knew I was being ushered around the side of the building and through the front of  the queue past the podium and into the front seat of a waiting car! I was in shock and embarrassed as people were looking at me as I walked up to the fully loaded car! There I was in the front seat, all by myself, next to the CM driving! A CM used my camera to take a pic of me. Of course, it was out of focus because it's a manual focus lens! There was no time to switch back because we were moving forward. The show must go on! I enjoyed being up front very much. It's really special having the wide open view, the scenes unfolding right in front of you and music surrounding you. Unfortunately, the pics didn't turn out very well. The 50mm is more like an 80mm which is too close if you're in the front seat of the GMR. The manual focusing is fine if you're not moving but focusing in the dark is difficult. It didn't matter, 
I'll remember every moment of the ride!

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