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Almost Wordless Wednesday ~ Atlantis over The Studios

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 Atlantis Soaring High over The Studios 

This was taken May 14, 2010 from the Disney's Hollywood Studios. At the time it was thought that this flight, STS-132 would be the final flight of Atlantis and the end of the NASA Space Shuttle Program. However, in February 2011 NASA declared that the final mission of Atlantis and that of the Space Shuttle program would be STS-135 on July 8, 2011. I posted about the last flight here if you'd like read about it and view a video.

Guests and CMs alike were excited that day in May to see the flight. Everyone had their own opinion of where the best spot to see it would be. One thing they agreed on was no matter what they were doing at 2:30 they were turning their eyes up to the sky. I didn't have a plan other than knowing I'd be in DHS. Once I arrived I started looking for a wide open sky in the direction of the BWV. I thought I found a pretty good spot just outside the entrance where the flags are but wasn't sure until Atlantis appeared. Shooting right through the clouds in a slight arch it climbed high fast and then it was gone. There was just enough time to snap a few stills and a little video on my phone. I stood for awhile soaking it all in feeling kind of sad that I couldn't share the moment with anyone since this was my solo trip. I quickly grabbed my phone and called home. They were excited to see the video and I really enjoyed hearing their voices. Then it was back to touring DHS for the rest of the day.

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