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Tiggerific Trivia ~101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians Backstage Tour MGM Studio  Walt Disney World  Florida USA 1997

BACKSTAGE PASS to '101 Dalmatians',  MGM Studio, Walt Disney World 1997

Did you know?
  • In 1997 the Disney-MGM Guide Book theme was "BACKSTAGE PASS to '101 Dalmatians".
  • SoundStage 1 and the Disney-MGM Studios water tower was repainted to reflect the "101 Dalmatians" theme.
  • The Backstage Tour was changed from "Backstage Studio Tour" to "Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour".

Fun Facts: Of Pongo and Perdita’s 15 puppies, you only ever hear the names of six.
  1. Freckles
  2. Lucky
  3. Patch
  4. Penny
  5. Pepper
  6. Rolly

Source: I learned this cool bit of trivia on Twitter from @Disney and Fun Trivia

Which one was your favorite puppy? 

Peter always said his favorite was Lucky because he (Peter) felt so blessed and lucky to be adopted.

Have a Tiggerific Day!
Focused on the Magic Deb
 Focused on the Magic Disney Tiggerific Trivia fun


  1. I love that movie! I like Rolly the best....so cute!

  2. What great trivia today! Thanks for linking up, Deb! My kids like the puppy named Dipstick in the live action version the best :)

  3. I think Lucky because I seem to remember having a McDonald's Dalmatian figurine that was named Lucky, hehehe!


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