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Tiggerific Trivia ~ Monsters University Hidden Gems

Monsters University Hidden Gems

Did you know?
Pixar has a tradition of hiding Easter eggs or "Hidden Gems" in full-length animated films for it's fans to spot. Last week as we watched Monsters University Peter and I just about burst with enthusiasm (yes, we are that geeky) as one by one they appeared on the screen.

The number:
“A113” appears in every Disney-Pixar animated film. It's popped up on the license plate on Andy's Mom's minivan in Toy Story to the courtroom number in Up. In Monsters University it is the School of Scaring classroom which is pictured above. It is a reference to a CalArts classroom in which John Lasseter, Brad Bird, Pete Docter, and Andrew Stanton while at CalArts.

The Truck:
The Toy Story Pizza Truck has appeared in every Disney-Pixar animated film except the Incredibles. It was scanned by EVE in Wall-E, parked in front of a mobile home in A Bug's Life and Monster Inc, it does a drive by in Finding Nemo and appears twice in Up. In Monsters university it is sitting in the driveway next to the JOX fraternity house. Look carefully as Mike is riding the pig past the fraternity houses.

The Luxo Ball:
The 1986 short film Luxo Jr. was the first Pixar Animation Studios release during the studio's official launch. The Luxo ball is jumped on by Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story and makes an appearance in the girl's room that flies by in Up. In Monster University it is pictured as graffiti on the wall during the Scare Games.


We spotted a few more Hidden Gems but we're saving them for another Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia.

Have a Tiggerific Day!  
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