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The Writer's Stop Revisited

Today we are going to revisit one of my favorite Foodie Fare hangouts in Disney's Hollywood Studios The Writer's Stop for my Disney friends blog hop. 
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Tucked away and often missed (next to The Sci Fi Dine-In Theater) is the little book store with the art deco facade where you can find the famous Carrot Cake Cookies and a delicious cup of "real" coffee. A rare site on Disney property.
The atmosphere is relaxed and cozy. In the summer months this is THE place to get cool! There are seating nooks by the window with tall wooden stools (my favorite spot) and a few small tables in the back. A sofa (which is always occupied) and TV playing old Disney cartoons adds charm and sometimes a quiet escape from the park.  It can get crowded as it is a popular snack stop. It's not a place for very large groups to meet (although we have done it) unless you like to stand and mingle. 

Browsing the shelves of books you'll find art books, cookbooks, Disney books of all kinds. I even found a Star Wars language translation book! There was a large selection of "green" lunch bags and bottles alongside Disney kitchen gadgets galore. 
They serve counter serve lunches (1 CS) seasonally, cold drinks, "real" iced coffee, lattes, flavored coffees and assorted pastries, muffins and cookies. 

There it is in the case. If you don't see it, ask for one. They sometimes pre-wrap them. The famous Carrot Cake Cookie consists of two layers of soft moist carrot cake. If there are any nuts or raisins in it I have never tasted them.  I'd check first before ordering if you're concerned about allergies because traditionally carrot cake is made with raisins and nuts. The filling is thick soft sweet cream cheese icing. All for $2.95 or 1 snack credit:)

The famous Carrot Cake Cookie, a hot delicious cup of coffee and good company. 

Have you tried the Writer's Stop coffee?
What did you think?
Have a Disney Day!  


  1. Writer's Stop is my very favorite place to snack on Disney property. I just LOVE it!

  2. Hi Kelly, thanks for stopping by! I wish I could be at the Writer's Stop today! I'd love a carrot cake cookie!


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