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Photo Flashback - Kodachrome Day

It's Photo Flashback Friday!  
Time to once again dig through our old Disney pictures for a photo flashback. Today's pictures of the monorail where taken during The Year of a Million Dreams which began October 1, 2006 and ran through 2008. It was a great time for me as I made many trips to Walt Disney World with my family and solo. 

I chose this picture today to pay homage to Kodak, who has sadly closed their doors. It's a sign of the times we live in. They just couldn't make the leap into the digital age. Lesson to us all, to keep moving forward while remembering the past. 
Kodachrome was the premier film to use in my early days of photography. Sharp and full of color it was perfect on a Kodachrome Day
Here's an example of a Kodachrome Day in Disney World. Soft billowy clouds, blue sky and vibrant colors throughout. 
The colors Kodak film produced are still beautiful today. My favorite all purpose film for trips to Disney World was Kodak Gold 200. It was just fast enough for low light situations (POTC) and wonderful in daylight. I would shoot roll after roll. Sometimes, bulk loading film so that I wouldn't have to change rolls on a ride. 

This was shot during The Flower and Garden Festival in 2007 and the Year of a Million Dreams celebration. Cast members would give away "dream" prizes to guests creating "magical moments." I almost received a magical moment once. A Dream Team cast member approached me and asked if I was with anyone, when I explained my family was back at the resort, he moved on. Close but no "Magical Moment" for me. 
I really enjoyed seeing the splashes of Kodak colors and the YOMD logo on the monorails as it whirred through Future World.
Did you experience any "magical moments" during the YOMD?
I hope you enjoyed my Friday Flashback Photos! 
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Have a Disney Day!  


  1. MouseFanDiane1:48 PM

    HI Deb, I love the picture with the monorail, it's beautiful. The Flower & Garden is such a special time at Disney.

  2. Thanks Diane! That was way back in '07! The monorail looked so neat during YOMD & F&G!

  3. Beautiful pictures, Deb!  I just love the Flower and Garden Festival!

  4. Thanks Beth! Me too! I can't wait for the Flower & Garden Fest! Especially today with all this snow outside!


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