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Almost Wordless Wednesday ~ First-Footing Disney Style

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Put your imagination ear hats on! This week's theme is
First-Footing Disney Style

Some of you may be familiar with the Scottish first-foot tradition. Manda and all my Scottish friends, forgive me while I botch, butcher and misinterpret this tradition. I mean no disrespect. It's all in fun!

There is a New Year tradition in Scotland called "first footing". In this tradition the first person to enter a home after the new year is supposed bring luck for the rest of the year. I wish we all could have taken a giant foot step into a Disney park on New Years day and brought ourselves luck as well as Disney! 
Here's my spin on First Footing Disney Style...
This grainy scan of a picture was taken with my Nikon FE 35mm. It's not technically a great picture but the memories attached to it are. It was our first day in The Magic Kingdom and as we stepped onto Main Street, USA a brass band marched right in front of us. Peter was swept up in the magic and as they passed he stepped right out doing his own version of marching in a parade. 
Why is that so special?  As far as I can recall that was the first time he stepped out of his AS disorder and let his personality shine through. 
A truly magical first-footing

Now it's time to see your Disney-style spin on the First-Footing tradition. There are many ways you can interpret this theme. Here are a few suggestions to get your started.
  • A picture of the first park you would visit if you were there on New Years.
  • A picture of any of your first days in a park. 
  • The very first time you stepped into a park.
  • Babies first visit...even though they can't step, they do represent New Years, new beginnings and I think they're lucky:)
  • None of the above.
I'll be posting my picture Wednesday but please link up yours now. I'm so excited to see all of your pictures!

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Have a Disney Day!  


  1. That is an awesome picture with a wonderful story attached to it. Thank you very much for sharing it with us!

  2. You can't help but smile at that photo.  He is so happy (and a bit goofy).  Love seeing kids break out.  #disney

  3. I love this! How adorable! Looks like he's having so much fun!

  4. What a great shot! Thanks for the fun theme this week, Debs!

  5. I love this - what a special picture!

  6. MouseFanDiane10:38 AM

    That's an awesome picture. Firsts are always so special ;-)

  7. That's fantastic - what a great memory, mom!  And a perfectly framed one at that! :)  (The glasses and skinny legs remind me of my little brother ... same place ... years ago ... so cute.)

    Thanks for the weekly hop and theme idea, Deb!  Great job.

  8. Deb!  I Love that photo!  What a magical memory!!

  9. What a great picture! It put a smile on my face this morning :) Definitely a wonderful "first footing" memory!

  10. The perfect setting for truly wonderful personal moments! How can you not love a place like that? ;)

  11. DisneyonWheels2:23 PM

    I love this photo! The best ones always have a great memory attached to them. :)

  12. Distherapy9:39 PM

    What a stellar memory!  He was overtaken by Disney spirit, and it doesn't get better than that :D

  13. Alyssa Ray12:17 AM

    What a sweet, sweet memory.  Great take on the theme, and a precious pic to share at that. :)  Thanks for hosting the hop! :)

  14. Great photo! Thanks for the chance to link up!

  15. Manda6:04 AM

    That is SUCH a cool photo! Thank you for yet another wonderful hop! :D


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