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Disney's Animal Kingdom Fitness Fun

You just have to smile! After coming back this morning from my "resolution walk/jog" at 6am in 16°, I spotted this cute post and video from Disney Parks. It warmed my heart (well that and a K-cup) to the idea of keeping to my New Years resolution. I won't be jumping through hoops as they do but I could certainly use a personal trainer to prod me along:)

The animals at Affection Section in Rafiki's Planet Watch, including rare domestic breed sheep and goats, have their own personal trainers and personal exercise programs, including agility, which has them jumping through hoops and over bars, and navigating through weave poles and tunnels

Have you made a running, jogging or walking New Years resolution? How is it going?


  1. I have made a New Year's Resolution to get back into shape.  Now that my baby is 4, I can no longer, in good conscience, refer to my extra pounds as baby weight! :-)  Back to my prebaby fitness level . . . well, at least that's my hope! 

  2. That's terrific Beth! You'll do it! But I have to say you look great now!! 

  3. Thank you, Deb!  You are very sweet!  Before having kids, I was super thin because I had nothing else to do but work and workout.  I will never get back to that size (which I am fine with) but hope to at least get my energy level up where it used to be.  I actually really love to run.  It is usually some much needed time to myself! :-)

  4. Distherapy2:06 PM

    Do I see a new career in my future??

  5. LOL, what a fun career that would be! Especially at Animal Kingdom! 


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