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Almost Wordless Wednesday ~ Wonderful Sunset!

Come along and join the fun! Link up your Disney Almost Wordless or Wordless Wednesday posts, make new Disney friends, visit with old friends, see some great pictures at 
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This week's theme is...
Water,Water Everywhere!

This was taken on The Wonder cruise. I've posted this picture before but I just felt the theme this week and this picture went well together. Water, water everywhere!
The sunsets at sea are just amazing. Unlike most people, I enjoy late dining times so that we can sit out on the veranda and watch the sunset before heading off to dinner.

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Now it's time to see your Disney-style spin on the Water, Water Everywhere! theme. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.
  • A picture of pools, fountains, lakes in and around the parks.
  • A picture of boat rides, water rides or water parks. 
  • People playing in the rain in the parks.
  • A picture from a Disney cruise. 
I'm so excited to see all of your pictures!

Focused On The Magic

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  1. JenniferLissak6:19 PM

    Beautiful picture, as always!! And, as normal - I'm not following the theme :)

  2. Love the picture and theme! I can't wait to do a Disney Cruise! 

  3. Beautiful! I hope to take a cruise in the next year or 2! :)

  4. Beautiful picture! As always. :) I'm really wanting to go on a Disney cruise. My husband's first choice of vacation isn't a cruise because he says he's been on a giant ship enough working (Navy). :) But even he's kinda wanting to go on a Disney cruise. Plus, I think it's been long enough since he has last been deployed that maybe it won't feel like work. :)

  5. Thanks Jenn! I always love it when you do your own theme!

  6. D-Mocha Traveler10:56 AM

    So peaceful. Just what I needed to get my mind off of reality :)

  7. Lovely! And what I like most about this is the tiny bit of land. I never want to be completely surrounded by water with no land in sight. Never. Skeery. Not a cruiser. Just not. :o)

  8. Thanks Leanne! Disney cruises are the best!

  9. MouseFanDiane11:47 AM

    Beautiful Pic, Deb. Nothing is more special than a Disney Cruise.. I need to get on another one

  10. So a beautiful picture! thanks for sharing it with us!:)

  11. Beautiful photo. It makes me wish I was relaxing on a cruise right now. :)

  12. Thanks Melissa! I could go for a nice relaxing Disney cruise's freezing and windy out!

  13. Comtnmom6:20 PM

    Lovely! Nice tip about eating late, I never would have thought of that!  Why be couped up inside, when that amazing SUNSET is going on across the ocean?!  :)

  14. D-mochatraveler6:46 PM

    I am now following you :o)

  15. Manda7:57 AM

    Wonderful shot Debs! It's making me feel all chillaxed :) Thanks for hosting the hop again! :D

  16. Distherapy11:21 AM

    Has Disney Cruise Lines called yet?  This shot is enough to make me book a veranda cabin ASAP!

  17. i'm following your blog now.

    You has a great article. I'm very interesting to stopping here and leaves you a comment. Good work.

    Lets keep writing and share to us and other.

    Nb: Dont forget to leave your comment back for us.

  18. Alyssa Ray12:57 AM

    Wonderful picture, and I love this theme! :) Thanks for hosting!


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