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Disney Wordless Wednesday ~ Wildlife

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Tiger on the Maharaja Jungle Trek in Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World
taken with a Nikon D200 and a Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED-IF AF-S VR DX Zoom Nikkor Lens

What could be more wild for Wildlife Wordless Wednesday than the beautiful Asian tigers in Disney's Animal Kingdom? I've posted these before and I even feature one of the tigers in my banner. So, you may be tired of seeing them. I just love looking at them and had to share them again. 

These shots were taken on a very hot afternoon in August so there wasn't much playing going on. Occasionally this tiger would swat a beach ball in the water. Or play in the fountains.
The temperatures and humidity kept most folks out of the park that day. Even my camera fogged up with humidity that day! 
Animal Kingdom always feels hotter than the other parks because the paths are more narrow and there's no breeze. It makes for a very good time to visit though. If you can handle the heat!

We take it very slowly and drink a lot of water. Stopping for ice cream before hitting the Maharajah Jungle Trek. After the parade and toward the end of the day the tigers are more active.Tiger on the Maharaja Jungle Trek in Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World

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  1. JenniferLissak7:20 PM

    Stunning picture!! I love Tigers :)

  2. MouseFanDiane8:22 PM

    They are so beautiful Deb. I love them in the water...

  3. Kathy Kelly10:24 PM

    Makes me want to reach out and pet them!

  4. I love the tigers. They got a little love from me today too!

  5. Beautiful photos! We completely missed the jungle, unfortunately :(

  6. Thanks Jenn, I love taking pictures of them! Maybe not in August but the rest of the year;)#Disney #WW

  7. Awesome pics, Deb!!! My mother loved tigers. She would have printed & framed those :)

  8. Thanks Jodi!! That's so nice of you to say. I love them too. I have one of my tiger pictures as a screensaver and another on my phone:)

  9. I'm w/ Jennifer. They are simply stunning!

  10. I too could watch these tigers all day.  They are just beautiful!  I love your pictures.  I was excited this past trip they were moving around.  Usually we seem to catch them when they are napping! :-)

  11. I just love the tigers..always have to visit them when I go to Animal Kingdom:)

  12. Awesome pic. Love them hanging out in the water.

  13. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures!

  14. Another fabulous theme this week, Deb. Had fun hopping!

  15. Manda5:36 AM

    These are SO beautiful Debs! Thank you for sharing them! :)


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