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My Disney Bucket List

Today's theme for the Babes in Disneyland Blog Hop is your "Disney Bucket List". I've written (never shared here) many bucket lists in the past, and as time goes by I've had to break them down into categories. 
I have big bucket lists! Rides, Restaurants, Cruises, Parks, Resorts, Photography. Most of the lists consist of wishes, but that hasn't stopped me!  

Here are 5 from my lists:

1. Dive in Epcot's, Living Seas. I almost did it with DS once, but at the last minute something came up and we couldn't. I don't care what I look like in a wetsuit either, I'm doing it!

2. Drink my way around the World Showcase backwards. We always start in Mexico and tire out by Germany. I'd like to start in England and work my way around the World Showcase through France, Morocco ending in Mexico. I don't mean strictly adult beverages. Slushies and alcohol free drinks are good too.

3. Have a cupcake day. Taste as many cupcakes in one day as my eyes can behold:)

4. Sleep in Cinderella Castle. They'd have to have to lock me as I'd probably escape and run around the park all night playing.;)

5. Cruise to Aulani with the family!

There you have it, a few adventures from my bucket lists. Do you have a Disney Bucket List?

Have a Disney Day!  


  1. I want to join you when you go drinking around the World backwards!

  2. JenniferLissak8:11 PM

    That's  great list!!! I'm no good at drinking around the world.. one day :)

  3. Gaylin12:33 AM

    A 2 parter for my bucket list, 1) own some nice clothes, 2) eat at the chef's table at Victoria & Albert.

    Have a VIP tour guide for a full day!

    Of course, sleep in Cinderella's Castle, that place would be crowded . . .

    Have a private dessert party while watching Illuminations. 

    Take the Adventures by Disney tour of California.

    And just once afford to fly from Vancouver to Orlando first class!

  4. If Lucinda joins you for the round the World Showcase backwards 'drinking' day, I'll join you  for the 'cupcake' day!! I'd stuff myself silly, & probably require the 'bucket' by the end of it!! =)


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