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The Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop ~ Characters Great and Small

Come along and join the fun! Link up your Disney Almost Wordless or Wordless Wednesday post, make new Disney friends, visit with old friends, see some great pictures at 
with me, Debs Dis @ Focused on the Magic  
Put your imagination ear hats on! This week's theme is
Characters Great and Small

Two Great Classic Characters

Take a closer look...see them?
Two wee small characters in The Magic Kingdom;P

Welcome to our happy hop! 
Where all Almost or Wordless Wednesday 
Disney-related Photo Posts 
are always welcome to link up!!
Let your imaginations soar 
with the theme of the week
or your own choice! 
Do you have questions about the hop? 
We have a whole page dedicated to answering all your questions: 
The Disney Wordless Wednesday 411 page.

Here are a few theme suggestions to get your started.
  • A picture of characters you think are great.
  • A picture of small characters...a small picture of characters.
  • A picture of a great group of characters. 
  • A picture of small minded characters.
  • A picture of characters who are great thinkers, great looking or great dressers.
  • Someone you know (a real person) who is great at being a real character.
  • None of the above and do your own Disney thing.

Focused On The Magic

Please leave a comment below after you link up and tell me what you think of the theme.

Have a Disney Day!  


  1. Love this topic! I always wanted to play Sleeping Beauty or one of the Princesses. Characters are the best!

  2. MouseFanDiane10:57 AM

    I love the theme Deb, it's great you can really include just about anything :-)

  3. MouseFanDiane10:58 AM

    Awesome picture of the group

  4. Thanks Diane, I just posted a new pic. Sorry, to be so late to my own hop this week!! 
    Loving all the pictures this week! Sitting in the train station giggling at all the #Disney Wordless Wednesday posts!

  5. I love the reflection of the carousel in the background.  :) 

    Thanks for hosting, event though you sound pretty busy ... (a train?!?) ...

  6. So cool! I loved the theme this week. :)

  7. Great picture (and theme) Deb! I didn't even notice the two "characters" standing there the first time I looked at this pic. LOL.

  8. Thanks Tami! Yup, back now. Checking out all the great and small pictures in the hop! What a day we're having! 

  9. MouseFanDiane4:58 PM

    Yes I see them very cool

  10. I completely missed the tiny characters when I first looked. Way cool!

  11. Thanks Melissa! I loved seeing your pics! One day I'll see Remy!

  12. Lol, it's a hidden mom and son!

  13. The only time I'll ever be teeny tiny, lol.

  14. Very cool - I love the whole scene caught in the mirror - it's great!

  15. I saw the tiny characters right away and laughed! :)

  16. Alyssa Ray11:25 PM

    Really fun shot Deb! Love it and the theme! :)

  17. What a neat little shot!

  18. Deb!  That's fabulous!  I love it! such creativity... 

  19. Distherapy7:29 PM

    Deb, you are so darn clever!!  I love your topic, but your photo even more. :D  (BTW- how many thousands of pictures must you have in your photo library???)

  20. Manda4:35 AM

    Wonderful Photo as always Debs! Love it! :)


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