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Dream-Along with Mickey

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I love the Dream-Along With Mickey show. It's is a 20 minute musical stage show with a cast of characters that includes Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy & all of the princesses and princes. The costumes you see here have been changed to more traditional colors but the show remains the same - great! This is a must see for me at The Castle Stage in The Magic Kingdom. 

I just loved the look on Donald's face - classic!

For a few more pics from this stage show check out my Mickey & Minnie Monday post

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  1. Disneymacaddict9:39 PM

    His eyes say so much!!!  I feel his pain.  Great shot.  Thanks for hosting and love the topic this week.  

  2. As always, I love your photos, Deb!  Great job!

  3. Donald's face is so funny! Thanks for sharing that!:)

  4. 400 Miles to Disneyland1:07 AM

    hahahaha!!!  That is so funny!!

  5. Oh wow! That is cool how Donald has moving eyes. I haven't seen that here in California yet. We have Mickey who talks and blinks, but not Donald. Great capture of him... I think it fits his personality perfectly! :D

  6. LOL Donald literally made me bust out laughing! Very nice capture! :D  Thanks again for hosting the hop! :)

  7. Susan8:33 AM

    That photo of Donald is so funny!  Captures him perfectly!!  Thanks for the smile to start my day!

  8. JenniferLissak9:25 AM

    Great pics! That one of Donald is fantastic!

  9. DebSays9:40 AM

    So glad you all like my pics this week! My "men" (DH & the boys) really like Donald. Whenever I see him doing something Donaldesque I have to snap a pic. 
    I'm hopping and seeing some great pics! I ♥ WW!!

  10. Christina9:57 AM

    That's a perfect picture of Donald!  :)

  11. Mouse Fan Diane10:27 AM

    Donald is so funny, great Pics Debs. You are the best ;-)

  12. DisneyonWheels12:29 PM

    I love the photo of Donald! Great shot :)

  13. Great photos!  I LOVE Donald's expression!

  14. Perfect pics Deb! Nice. :o)

  15. Distherapy11:20 PM

    I love your choices Deb!  (I think your photos are more colorful than seeing them in person!!)

  16. Justin Parente12:13 PM

    Haha, you captured him mid-blink. That is awesome!

  17. Haha! Donald looks funny! :P Brilliant shots as always Debs! Thanks again for hosting the hop! :D

  18. That's really terrific how the cast members can get such expression while inside their costumes. Super pic.


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