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May Your Wishes Come True

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Hosted by Deb @ Focused on the Magic.  Come along and join the fun! Post a link to your Disney themed Almost Wordless or Wordless posts, make new Disney friends, visit with old friends while you blog hop! 
Everybody neat and pretty?
May Your Wishes Come True.....

Focused On The Magic

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  1. Beautiful picture, Deb! I just love the fireworks displays at Walt Disney World. I just wish I could capture them in a picture as beautifully as you do! :-)

    Thanks for hosting!

  2. Thank you Beth! I'm looking forward to seeing your pics when you return from your next trip:)
    For picture taking, I wish the night I took this shot had been less humid and overcast. It was on my birthday a year ago so it didn't really matter what the weather was. I was going to celebrate anyway:D

  3. reminds me of the Disney Castle logo which used to appear with their TV programing.

  4. Beautiful shot! I really want to work on improving my night time photography, which right now is the WORST. I just can't seem to get the hang of it at all. I think I need some photography time without the kids around.

    I can't wait to link up in the morning! I've got another Castle shot. I left you a review on Alexa too, would love it if you'd leave one for

  5. Cool fireworks pic! Those can be pretty tough to get, you did a good job! And I love your blog, am a new follower!

  6. You get the BEST pictures! I truly enjoy browsing through your work!!!

  7. I hope your birthday wishes DID come true!

  8. Gorgeous!! Pure magic :). Thanks for hosting!

  9. Amazing!! How DO you do it!? :D

  10. Thank you Sukhmandir, that's a great compliment!!

    Kristen, Thanks for the review on Alexa!! I'm on my way over to leave one for you:)

    Marlee, thanks for the follow! I'm so glad you joined us today:)

    Thanks so much Kelly:D

    Thank you Kathy I hope they do!!

    Hedy@WDW Not Just for Kids, I love Wishes too. I could watch it every night of our trips!

    Mrs MME, Thanks!! It's my pleasure to host. i love seeing all your Disney pics!!

    Thanks Casey:)I hope you're feeling better!!

    Aw Manda thanks, I just love taking pics:)

    Coffee in hand and ready to start hopping. This week I'm going to start with all of your posts first. Thanks so much for taking the time to view my WW post and leave a comment or tweet about it:)

  11. What a beautiful fireworks picture. Love it.

  12. I LOVE your firework photos. I am hoping we can catch a few good ones on our next trip.

  13. Hi Bird, Wishes really fills up the sky, doesn't it?

    Thanks Cathy, so glad you like it:D

    Hi Melissa, I'm looking forward to seeing your pics. I'm sure you'll get more than just a few!!!!

    Well, back to hopping. There are so many great posts linked up today. I'm taking my time and enjoying each blog:)

  14. Oh Beth! That is too good!!! They do need to be together! SLOL!

  15. This is a beautiful shot! Can you believe I haven't seen Wishes? Yes, I know, I know. I've seen countless fireworks shows at Disneyland while I was younger but once I moved and started going to WDW (just a few years ago), I had a baby so we never stayed in the parks late. She's old enough now to stay up and not be Super Cranky so I can't wait to see it! We have seen the fireworks show at MNSSHP, but I can't wait to see Wishes!

  16. Thanks Christina, I remember watching from the resort balcony after DS was in bed. When he was finally able to stay up late we didn't miss a show:) You are going to love it!

  17. What a beautiful picture! I love it. Have a magical day.

    Bookgirl @ My Magical Adventures

  18. I can hear that sweet little voice singing now...GREAT picture!

  19. HI Deb,
    Thanks for hosting again. I decided to go with your them again, I just love your night time shot of the fireworks and the castle. It is my favorite, that Castle. I want to live there.. LOL..

  20. Thanks BookGirl, I love your pic of DLP:)

    Elrods, you two are so much fun! So, who's pic was it?

    Mouse Fan Diane, I loved your castle. I would love to live there too!!!

    Thanks everyone for all your great blog posts and comments!

  21. Anonymous12:51 AM

    This photo makes me so incredibly homesick. It hurts to be away for any length of time.

  22. Me too Lucinda! DH is in Orlando right now for meetings. It's killing me!!

  23. Lovely! I've never seen WISHES from this vantage point.

  24. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Hello! Just stopping by to let you know that I added your hop to my Blog Hop Library and that I like you on Facebook! Have a great day!

    Random Deals

  25. Thanks Kimberly:)

    Thanks Tonya, Ill add you as well:)

  26. Great shot! I love to take firework shots, but like someone else said, I need to get the opportunity without the kids in tow. BTW, were you up on the train station platform?

  27. Thanks Naomi:) Yes, I was up at the train station. Being able to balance family and picture taking is a huge challenge. Fortunately it worked out that night..all, except the weather!

  28. I was obviously distracted last week.. that picture is incredible!!


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