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Wordless Wednesday ~ Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It!

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Mixing it up with Mickey & Minnie 
is our theme this week. A fun topic to kick off the start of summer! Yes, it's here, the first day of summer! School is almost out here in the NE so let's...

Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It ! With Mickey!

Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It ! With Mickey!

Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It ! With Minnie!
Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It ! With Minnie ! 

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  1. Love these photos!  We participated in this street party when we were at Disney World over the holidays.  Emma had a blast dancing with Jessie from Toy Story - so much fun interacting with the characters!

  2. Fun parade - we always seem to get to the Magic Kingdom just as this parade is happening.

  3. Disneykatrina11:10 PM

    We never seem to be around when this is going on.  Well, that's not quite true - we are usually in progress from one place to another and we see it going on in the distance!  One day I'll get my girls patient enough to wait for parades.

  4. Alyssa2:15 AM

    Great pics! I didn't love this parade equivalent when it was at Disneyland but your shots make it seem much more enchanting! :) Thanks for hosting!

  5. TheAngelForever8:20 AM

    Gorgeous photos! We did not watch the parades on this last trip and wish we had. Love the theme and will keep watching to participate next week :)

  6. MouseFanDiane9:44 AM

    So colorful, I love the close ups of Mickey and Minnie

  7. DisneyMacAddict9:50 AM

    Such great pictures as always and boy Minnie is pointing right at you isn't she?  Thanks for the post and inspiring me to take LOTS of pictures on our last trip.  I took a little over 3500.  That should keep me going for awhile.  Thanks again. 

  8. Great pictures, Deb! I've never seen this parade but it looks like a fun one!

  9. Thanks Holly! It's such a fun parade. Everyone gets out in the street to dance, just a great time!

  10. Thanks:) Yay, that's a lot of pictures! I can't wait to see them.

  11. Thanks! I'm so glad you are joined us in the WW blog hop today. Keep in mind the theme is always optional, just has to be Disney...cause we're all Disney fans here:D

  12. Thanks Diane! Mickey & Minnie put on such a great show!

  13. Oh no, I can't see your pictures?  :(  I'm inside a firewall today though, so I wonder if something to do with Pinterest is blocked....  bummer!  I'll have to try again tonight from a different computer.

    As always - thanks for the hop, Deb!

  14. Distherapy11:37 AM

    I swear these photos are somehow MORE colorful than the real thing!!

  15. Seriously, what is it that you're wearing that attracts all this attention from the characters? They always seem to be looking right at you, so I assume you've got on some kind of attention getting outfit? How about a picture of that next week?
    As usual, your pictures are gorgeous Deb. Thanks for hosting once again.

  16. Such great color! These photos have "fun" written all over them. :o)

  17. Lol Steve, it must be the red and white polka dot dress.


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