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Destination Disney ~ The Color "White"

This week's Destination Disney theme is brought to you by the color 'White' 
I found a few pictures of Disney white in the parks.

White Space Shuttle & white stripes -- taken at Hollywood Studios
White Chef's jacket

White plate

White clouds

White piano keys

White Mickey Head

The Grand Floridian is white

The monorail is white

White pants in the 90's

White clown mask

White Storm Troopers

White Creature

Herbie is white

White wedding dress

Duffy has a white hat

White ice cream float
What's your favorite Disney color?

Have a Disney Day!  
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  1. What great WHITE pictures. I'm not sure which is my favorite - maybe the white pants one! LOL  Thanks for playing along.

  2. Thanks Heidi! Yea, those were the days!!:P 

  3. Love all the pictures! I want to stay at the Grand Floridian so bad!!

  4. Heidi, I agree!  The white pants are my fav!!! :)  love em all!

  5. rebecca shockley12:38 AM

    I have never been to Disneyland or world and ever since I was a small child, this was the one place I would love to go. These picture's just reinforced how much I really, really would love to go. I love, love the Chip and Dale picture and the dessert with the Maple leaf ear's, this look's like so much fun! I have 5 children and I bet the 3 younger one's would love to go. After showing them these photo's, it will be game on, thanks for sharing!

  6. MapleMouseMama11:27 PM

    I'm with Heidi on this one, the white pants were a riot! Loved the Grand Floridian to though Deb.  You have some wonderful photos!!



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