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Counting Down to Our Disney Vacation

My countdown to Disney starts the minute my husband and I agree on a date for our next trip. I immediately call Guest Services and set up a reservation. Our trips are planned no more than 4 months off and many are last minute.
If my trip is a month or more away I like to put a countdown in my signature on board posts. The best place for making your own widget is They have a variety of configurations  and backgrounds and even multiple trip countdowns. This is set up for my next trip. One of those flashes will get my summer dates when we decide on them.

When my boys were young I would make a whiteboard calendar with Mickey heads on it for each trip. Similar to this one. Click Here. Now I use our regular calendar and fill in the amount of days left. Nothing fancy but still fun to look at. That is, if you look at it...My husband is notorious for asking "How many more days?"
Leading up to our trips I'll bring out the planning videos from Disney and order a new one. Watching them provides me with a good opportunity for everyone to make their dining requests known. I then try to score a few of those the following day. Fortunately my family is flexible! Watching the videos also reminds them of rides and attractions that they may want to do this trip. My youngest (AS) son always disliked Space Mountain but now seems more open to trying it. We'll watch Disney movies and our own videos too. Both add to the excitement and planning as they are reminded of all the things they like to do in WDW.

One of my favorite things to do is listen to park music in the car. It gets me in the Disney mood but I am determined to update my music collection for this next trip. My kids always get a good laugh when I put in my "Broke Hoedown" music.

This trip I'll be counting down in blog posts too. With just about 101 days to go till we're in Disney, I'll be be blogging about 101 things I look forward to doing on our next trip. So stay tuned!
How do YOU countdown to Disney World? Share your ways of counting down in the comments below!

Have a magical day!  


  1. Love your post, Deb!  I'll be looking for your 101 Things to Do posts!

  2. Thanks for visiting Heidi! I do hope you'll stop back to see the series. 

  3. MouseFanDiane9:33 AM

    Love your ideas I have to go on I always wanted to do that

  4. Rosanne Mottola4:13 PM

    Blogging will sure help to pass the time! Looking forward to it!

    Rosanne @ The Disney Point


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