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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ~ (Almost) Wordless Wednesday

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This week's theme is...
Disney's  Frontierland
YeeHa! We love Frontierland! Everything about the wild west theme, shoot 'em up arcade, Pecos Bill, Honky Tonk music and all it's old western goodness has to offer. Frontierland is full of great photo ops for me. While the boys are busy shooting on the range I'm shooting the western scenes with my camera. 

Our favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and my favorite place to take a picture of it is from The Liberty Belle as she makes her way around the bend. BTMR is just close enough at that point to get a good shot of everyone flying by on the runaway train as they head into the mountain.
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Fun Facts From Disney™The names of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad trains are: U.B. Bold, U.R. Daring, U.R. Courageous,  I.M. Brave,  I.B. Hearty,  I.M. Fearless.

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  1. Thesparogs4:38 PM

    Great picture!

  2. Thank you, Thesparogs & thanks for stopping by! I love taking pics in Frontierland!

  3. Whoa! Fabulous. Makes me want to go shoot Thunder Mountain right now!!!! Love it, Deb.

  4. YeeHa! I'm with you on that! Thanks Cindy!

  5. Awesome shot!!! And I love the water mark. 

  6. Love that picture of Thunder Mountain..wish I was someone on that ride right now!:)

  7. Awesome photo! Its one of my favorite attractions :)

  8. Great shot, our son loves Big Thunder.   Thanks again for hosting.   

  9. Beautiful photo, as always Deb! 

  10. Mouse Encounter10:00 AM

    That is an awesome picture :) Love that ride.

  11. Great shot and very cool perspective! BTMR is my 6-yr-old's fave ride. He rode it for the 1st time on our last trip. Rode it 3 times in a row one day!

  12. Loved riding it during the fireworks on our last visit.  Just so magical.  :)

  13. Love BTMRR!  (its spiel is my ringtone :)

  14. MouseFanDiane12:56 PM

    Beautiful Shot, Deb. One of my favorite places to ride 

  15. Alyssa Ray2:52 PM

    Such a great shot! I have very fond memories of BTMRR at WDW particuarly.  Thanks for sharing! :)

  16. I love your fun facts!  I'll admit that I never took note of the train names, (and themed to boot)!

  17. Ok... Liberty Belle ... round the bend ... got it!  Gonna try it! 

    Love this picture!  I always get the shaft on wanting to ride the Liberty Belle, and it not working out.  So next time's MY time to try for this shot!!  ;-D

  18. Definitely! There are so many great shots you can get from the Liberty Belle. You'll have a good time shooting and enjoying the boat ride:)

  19. Next time on Big Thunder I want to ride on the I.M.Fearless! That would be fun!

  20. Great picture, Deb!  As always, I bow to greatness with the camera!  Also, I love the Wild West lettering you gave the picture at the bottom!  Nicely done!

  21. Onna Hellaby10:34 PM

    Love this photo! Great shot of a great ride! :]

  22. Mandas Disney Blog!7:45 AM

    Beautiful shot! Oh it's perfect! The colours, the angle, the fact that you caught the train right as it passed! Wonderful! :D x


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