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Wordless Wednesday ~ Hidden Mickey

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Disney Details
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I just love this Hidden Mickey and whenever I ride Snow White's Scary Adventure I check to make sure it's still there. It reminds of  a Snow White book I had when I was a young girl. The attention given to details like this, really heighten the magical experience in the parks for me.

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This week's theme is   Disney Details

Some ideas to help you get started:
ºoº Hidden Mickeys.
ºoº Windows, Doors and facades.
ºoº Park or resort decor.

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  1. JenniferLissak7:11 PM

    Hidden Mickey's look great!! :) 

  2. Love finding hidden mickeys.  Especially if I find it before my husband does. ; )

  3. Hidden Mickeys are so much fun to find! I love them!

  4. I do too! Hidden Mickeys add a little extra magic! 

  5. Lol, yea, sometimes I let DH win;) I ♥ Hidden Mickeys

  6. Such attention to detail! Great theme this week!

  7. DisneyonWheels9:26 AM

    I love the theme this week! I think I'm really going to have to start looking for Hidden Mickeys :)

  8. Hidden Mickeys are one of my favorite Disney details!

  9. Bucked the theme to be seasonal :)

  10. Alyssa Ray12:46 PM

    What a lovely little detail! I couldn't believe that I couldn't find a single picture I had taken of a Hidden Mickey! They will definitely be on my photo list for next time! :) Thanks for hosting!

  11. Love this Hidden Mickey! My son found this one during one of our trips and he was SO excited :)

  12. Awww.. I like this!  And now it's gone ... :(  Wonder if they'll work it in somewhere on the new 7 Dwarf's roller coaster attraction? 

  13. I've never noticed this one. I love hidden Mickeys!

  14. Mandas Disney Blog!3:49 PM

    Sorry mine is so late today Debs! :D Loving this theme and can't wait to hop! The Snow White pic is so clever! :D

  15. Fabulous theme! I had a hard time narrowing down my choices. So many fine Disney details out there. :o)

  16. Distherapy6:47 PM

    Found him! Never get tired of looking for him, either!!

  17. Ami Brundick-Eller7:54 AM

    Love it!  Ahhhhh the memories!

  18. Mandas Disney Blog!4:36 AM

    I was sure I commented already but I don't see it! :D Loved the theme this week! :) And love your photo! :D


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