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Wordless Wednesday ~ Animal Attractions in Animal Kingdom

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Animal Attractions
Animal Kingdom Giraffes sharing a moment behind a tree;)

Monkey love on display in Animal Kingdom
Best Buddies

Welcome to our happy hop! 
Where all Almost or Wordless Wednesday 
Disney-related Photo Posts are always welcome to link up!!
This week's theme is   Animal Attractions! 
It was inspired by:
Our love of all the wonderful Disney animals seen in the parks, movies, cartoons and books.
The internationally famous and my favorite dog show, The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which is being held today in NYC. 
 The re-release of one of my favorite movies, Lady and the Tramp (Three-Disc Diamond Edition Blu-ray/DVD + Digital Copy)
Some ideas to help you get started:
Animals that are attracted to each other, such as couples. 
Donald and Daisy, Minnie & Mickey...
Attractions in the parks that feature animals.
Animals posing during a Meet & Greet.
Animals you may find at the parks that are attractive.

Questions? We have a whole page dedicated to answering all your questions: 
The Disney Wordless Wednesday 411 page.

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Have a Disney Day!  


  1. JenniferLissak7:17 PM

    Great pics, as always! You'll be surprised to see (in the a.m.) that I followed the theme!

  2. Christina Mumpower8:10 PM

    I love your pictures, just like every week.  Super cute.  I love the stolen moment for the giraffes behind the tree.  :)

    Christina ~ Disney in Our Blood

  3. I just love the Monkey love! That is so cute!:) Wonderful pictures!

  4. Tsuttles51:00 AM

    What a wonderful shot of the giraffes!  I am never so lucky to get shots like this on the Safari.

  5. The giraffes are too cute! Thanks for sharing...and hosting!

  6. Thanks Jenn, I love your theme pics! Seeing the lions active is so rare and to get a good shot is almost impossible! Those drivers seem to speed up around the lion enclosure!

  7. Thanks Christina! Disney is just so clever where they place the feed blocks. Thanks to them, it was a perfect setup for this shot;)

  8. Alyssa Ray11:49 AM

    These pics are so wonderful!  Love the giraffes! :)  I couldn't find any animal pics that I liked for this week, but yours are awesome! :)  Thanks for hosting the hop!

  9. DisneyonWheels1:38 PM

    I love the photo of the giraffes. Great theme this week, I love seeing photos of the residents of the Animal Kingdom. :)

  10. MouseFanDiane1:57 PM

    I love the Giraffes they are beautiful, very cool shot of them. Animal Kingdom is awesome..

  11. The giraffes are just the cutest!

    I can't get my link to work from the linky here. Not sure why...but when I click on it, it adds some goofy characters to the end of the URL which results in file not found. ?

  12. Wow... the giraffe shot looks like it belongs in a brochure!


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