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Photo Flashback ~ Disney Magic, Animator's Palate

It's Photo Flashback Friday!
Time to once again dig through our old Disney pictures for a photo flashback. Today's picture is from a magical cruise aboard The Magic a long time ago, possibly 1999 or 2000. It was taken after dinner at The Animator's Palate. We had spent the day touring Nassau on motorbikes. I found it in a box in the basement separated from the negative and photo album. This is why I love Flashback Friday! It gets me to scan, file and scrap my old pictures. I don't know why DS#1, Stig isn't in the picture, my guess is he's taking it.

Animator's palate on the Disney Magic

Note the walls and pictures on the wall are in black and white. Throughout the evening the wall art change colors and the screens become animated. 

Now let's flash forward:
The little video below shows an example of the newest artwork that can be found on the Disney Fantasy. Disney Imagineers are always moving forward in technology and this a great example. The newer ships have switched to fabulous LCD screens that are motion activated! Can you imagine walking by this at night after a few?
Check it out!
Brought to us by Disney Parks
Throughout the Disney Fantasy, guests are immersed in an element of storytelling only Disney could dream up. Through the use of LCD screens and technology that recognizes when a guest is present, Enchanted Art literally brings framed artwork to life by magically transforming still photos into animated scenes as guests marvel at the compelling compositions. “Pinkie Daisy” is Enchanted Art featuring Daisy Duck inspired by Thomas Lawrence’s famous painting “Sarah Barrett Moulton: Pinkie.”
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Flashback and Flash Forward! 
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  1. I've ready about this restaurant before and would LOVE to see it in person!  Thanks for the video. 

  2. Fun flashback and forward.  Those in the photo look so happy.  Think I need a cruise.

  3. I love #Disney cruises. I look so sunburned in that picture. We were riding around Nassau on motorbikes all day. Good times!

  4. MouseFanDiane5:09 PM

    That's a great picture of you and your family on the cruise, I love the Disney cruise and can't wait to get on the Fantasy

  5. Thanks Diane! I can't wait to cruise on the Dream and the Fantasy!! Hopefully this summer!


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