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Epcot's Italy ~ Venetian Carnival Masks

Carnevale di Venezia Masks Venetian mask Epcot Italy

The Italy Pavilion at Epcot's World Showcase always provides me with fabulous photo opportunities and the Venetian Carnival mask shop, Carnevale di Venezia never disappoints. I really enjoy wandering around that little shop. Usually there's an entertainer outside in the courtyard keeping the family busy while I slip away and explore the shop. The Venetian mask artist, Giorgio Lurcotta can sometimes be seen at work painting his beautiful and mysterious mâché masks
In post processing I used an Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 dry brush to give it the feel of a vintage oil painting. 
Do you enjoy visiting shops in the Italy Pavilion?

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  1. I think I need to get back to the Italian Pavilion! How did I miss these?

  2. LOL, yet another reason to go back:) The shop is really small and easily missed.

  3. I love looking at all the details of these masks. They are just beautiful. Before kids, I could always spend a little extra time in this shop, but now with three little ones, I don't dare let them come in with me. So my time is limited to how long DH can keep them occupied outside, while I peruse indside! :-)

  4. Oh yes!Italy is great for that. They have entertainers outside that'll keep everyone happy!
    I never ventured into any of the shops for long when mine were little. DH hates to shop, browse or linger in any shops. He would walk with them as I briskly breezed through each shop entering one end and out the other meeting up with them outside by the exit.

  5. Anonymous9:34 PM

    I can't tell if the mask in back is sharing a secret or giving a kiss...perhaps both. The mask in front seems pleased.

  6. What a fun blog you have. Thanks for stopping by mine. I just went through your last couple of posts, and I have to say I really like it here. Even though I'm west coast, I still love seeing all the Florida stuff too. I hope to return in a couple years when my Little One is a little older. :)

  7. Lucinda, That's what I saw in it too! First I saw a kiss then I thought maybe whispering in the clowns ear. I love the way they set it up. When I go back I'm going to look for more:)

  8. Hi Sarah, Thanks for your kind words. Someday I'll get to DL. I keep planning and then something comes up and we cancel. One of these days!In the meantime I really enjoy reading about it. Thanks for stopping by:)

  9. beautiful venetian masks, so mysterious!
    Great blog, spent my tea break having a good read..thanks.

  10. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for your visit:)

  11. Charlie7:57 PM

    In March my 13-year-old daughter and I were mesmerized by the beautiful masks in the Venetian shop.  It seemed an extravagance to buy one for her, but I recently realized it would make a wonderful 8th grade graduation gift for her -- in June.  Alas, we live in Connecticut. 

    Do you know if it's possible to order one?  Is there a way of contacting the shop or do they have a catalog?  Although every one is handmade and thus unique, I asked which ones she liked the best, so I could easily pick one that would be ideal.


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