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Magical Moments Monday

This is a magical moment I almost missed out on. 

I'd gotten a late start due to sleeping in. That can happen when you stay out till the wee hours during EMH the night before. When I finally arrived at the Magic Kingdom I was disappointed to have missed opening ceremony. 

As it turned out I arrived on Main Street just as the horse-drawn Main Street Trolley pulled up. The Dapper Dans barbershop quartet hopped off the trolley and burst into perfect harmony. What a magical moment it was as they serenaded me and posed for some pics. 
The Dapper Dans magically transformed my miserable mood into a great one that carried through the rest of the day. 

The Dapper Dans have been performing in The Magic Kingdom since 1971 with nine shows a day seven days a week all over Main Street, USA. At 5pm each day the Dapper Dans, The Main Street Philharmonic and the Magic Kingdom Security Color Guard perform for the Flag Retreat Ceremony at Liberty Square.

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Do you have a magical moment you'd like to share? I'd love to hear about it:)

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  1. Thanks Beth, I can't wait to go back and see them again. They're so talented & funny:)


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