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The Most Famous Jungle Cruise Guide

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Exciting news for us Jungle Cruise fans! Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will be joining their voices for another magical adventure! This time the Disney Jungle Cruise attraction will be the theme for a live action movie, Disney’s Jungle Cruise. According to a studio statement, Disney signed a script deal with Roger S.H. Schulman, who received an Oscar nomination for co-writing Shrek. I wonder if their characters will be cruise guides in the movie?

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are famously funny but the most famous Jungle Cruise guide has got to be John Lasseter. Can you imagine how magically hysterical a 10 minute tour through the exotic rivers and four continents would be with John Lasseter as your guide? He must've really rocked the boat with laughter.
Here is John Lasseter telling his favorite Jungle Cruise joke

A few of my personal favorites from The Jungle Cruise .................

See that elephant right there, that's the richest elephant in the whole jungle. 
Yeah - it's 'Donald Trunk'.

Hey, we're on the Nile and the Nile is over 4,000 miles. It goes for miles and miles and miles..................and if you don't believe me... you're in de-nile!

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Do you have a favorite you'd like to share?


  1. This is wonderful news!!! :0)

  2. It'll be fun especially if John Lasseter is behind it:) Thanks for reading:>

  3. Well "the backside of water" always gets me...
    (shows you how east I am)! Thanks for the news- I wish there were more Disney movies modeled after their attractions D

  4. He he that's a good one
    Beautiful Schweitzer Falls is upon us again. The overhanging rock formation will afford us a different view this time. I have a special treat for you, folks. You may never have seen this before...there it is--the backside of water!
    LOL Beth, and everyones craning their necks to see it:P


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