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Mickey & Minnie Monday

Dream-Along With Mickey is a 20 minute musical stage show for all ages with a cast of characters that includes Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy & all of the princesses. Not to be missed at The Castle Stage in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World Resort.


Tastes from the Disney Dream Kitchen...

Here's a recipe for Baked Salmon Royale straight off the newest Disney ship, The Disney Dream. When I dream of Disney cruising it's about the fun and adventure but I also dream about the fabulous food onboard. When I saw this recipe on GMA I knew it would be a great addition to my collection. I'm looking forward to making it soon. As soon as I find white truffle oil that is! If you've tried this recipe at home please leave your comments.

Baked Salmon Royale


Foto Friday~ Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket

D200 ISO 200  f7.1  Nikon 18-200VR @56mm 
This small bronze statue of Pinocchio and his pal Jiminy Cricket is displayed in the statue garden in front of Cinderella's Castle in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. The light that day was very harsh and the shadows strong. Looking back I realize I should've used fill flash on the shadows and f3.5. I think I was concentrating on throwing the background flowers only slightly out of focus, meanwhile trying to stand as tall as I could to eliminate the road and fence in the background.
The detail and artistry of these bronze treasures is well worth a closer look.


Dream along with me

Today was The Disney Dream christening ceremony in Florida and the Inaugural voyage. Selected for the media voyage were a group, Disney execs, TAs, national media and CMs. Everyone on the internet was a buzz from podcasts to twitter and facebook with live feeds, flickr and twitpics flying around in cyberspace throughout the day. Many of the attendees were sending tweets and texts.WDWRadio  was broadcasting live. With a few hundred others on WDWRadio in my comfy chair and computer at home.....actually two computers with a few screens open on each so that I wouldn't miss a magical moment, we shared a dream filled day. I greatly appreciate all that Lou did to bring it all together for us. He had a difficult time keeping the feed alive. Being "in the box" is always a lot of fun on WDWRadio. We shared good jokes, breakfast, lunch and cyber "Chocolate Dale cookies" throughout the day as we swapped links and pics to stay up to the minute with the fabulous celebration.

I'm still dreaming about the day I step onboard The Dream. I've had two Magic-al cruises and two Wonder-filled cruises. I know Disney has dreamt up a fabulously luxurious cruise on The Dream and I can't wait. 
I'll keep dreaming.....

Here's are few details I've learned so far:

The horn on the ship plays just about any Disney song you can think of.

The Dream is 1,00 feet long and 100 feet high.

1250 staterooms.

The Aquaduck has escape hatches in case you get stuck.

You can read all about the Disney Dream christening ceremony and watch a replay of the webcast on the official Disney website or the Disney blog. Make sure to keep checking back with WDWRadio to see  highlights, podcasts and photos from the celebration.


Making a Splash!

Having fun with filters in Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.Today I took a rather ordinary out of focus shot of a dolphin at The Living Seas Pavillion that I saved from the delete bin and made it.... well fun.


Living Seas ~ Flashback

It's hard to believe The Living Seas Pavilion is 25 years old!
This Butterflyfish spends its days cruising the Living Seas coraf reefs eating small crustaceans. Butterflyfish sometimes swim in schools and when they find a mate it's for life.
We started visitng Epcot in the late 80's and one of my favorite memories of those trips was spending hours.... 
no kidding hours in The Living Seas Pavillion at Epcot.There's always something exciting going on!
  We'd stop long enough to eat at The Coral Reef hoping to see a diver or if you were really lucky Mickey himself. Then it would right back to see the another Living Seas demonstration or just watch in amazement and awe as a sea turtle swam by. 
Most Sea Turtles are nomads and travel about 1300 miles a day!  Mature females will often return, sometimes over thousands of miles, to the beach where they hatched to lay their eggs.
The exotic beauty of the Lionfish can literally take your breath away. The venomous sting of the Lionfish is extremely painful and can cause nausea and breathing difficulties.It relies on camouflage and lightning-fast reflexes to capture prey, mainly fish and shrimp.

We have lots of wonderful memories of The Living Seas. DS still enjoys his fascination with the aquatic. He's built and maintains two fresh water gallonormous (no idea how many gallons they're just huge) tanks and a salt water reef. I'm so looking forward to our next trip in the spring and maybe this time we'll do Dive Quest!

Focused On The Magic
Epcot's Living Seas


Wordless Wednesday ~ Stuntman Puts On The Heat!



Foto Friday

~Cinderella's Castle in Silhouette ~

The Magic Kingdom Wishes Fireworks display is a truly magical experience and one not to be missed but sometimes it can be a challenge to photograph.
This photo took a bit of Disney magic to capture. It was shot with my trusty Nikon D200, Sigma 30mm, f5.6, ISO 800 @ 1/125. You may wonder why 1/125 of a second? A long shot would give beautiful streams of light. Well, that particular night was very crowded in The Magic Kingdom for the viewing of Wishes. So crowded I couldn't setup my tripod. People were jostling each other for a good spot. Tripods are a tripping hazard under good conditions. I was smack dab in the middle of Main Street with a 30mm. All my shots would have to be handheld. I'd done it before with mixed results. I much rather use a tripod but not that night. To make the best of it and not spoil the moment I just tucked my elbows in and with steady breath, shot... a lot. I was doing just fine until a very tall gentlemen lifted his son onto his shoulders right in front of me. Considering my options I realized the boy would be in every frame. He was jumping around so composing with him would've been difficult. I could neither move left or right. I decided the only option left was to shoot the castle in silhouette. Reframe, reset, shoot and pray. Chimping all the while. Despite the setbacks the Wishes fireworks show was magical and I came away with "Cinderella's Castle in Silhouette" as a photo keeper.


Wordless Wednesday ~ D'Vine Voices


Castle Bursting with Wishes

Castle Bursting with Wishes, originally uploaded by _debs_.

Citizens of Main Street

Wandering down Main Street on any given morning or afternoon you may find yourself  face to face with one of the many Citizens of Main Street. This is especially true during holidays like Easter and Christmas where they'll be decked out in their holiday finest ready to entertain guests. 

Councilman Dewey Cheatum

Here's Eunice McGillicutty in The Magic Kingdom aka Chloé Canard

The lovely fashionista Miss Inga DaPointe taking a break from her duties as
The Fashion Editor of the Main Street Gazette.

The Citizens of Main Street not only sign autographs & pose for pics. They're educational as well as.
Just ask Miss DaPointe about her Batanburg lace parasol.....
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