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Foto Friday

~Cinderella's Castle in Silhouette ~

The Magic Kingdom Wishes Fireworks display is a truly magical experience and one not to be missed but sometimes it can be a challenge to photograph.
This photo took a bit of Disney magic to capture. It was shot with my trusty Nikon D200, Sigma 30mm, f5.6, ISO 800 @ 1/125. You may wonder why 1/125 of a second? A long shot would give beautiful streams of light. Well, that particular night was very crowded in The Magic Kingdom for the viewing of Wishes. So crowded I couldn't setup my tripod. People were jostling each other for a good spot. Tripods are a tripping hazard under good conditions. I was smack dab in the middle of Main Street with a 30mm. All my shots would have to be handheld. I'd done it before with mixed results. I much rather use a tripod but not that night. To make the best of it and not spoil the moment I just tucked my elbows in and with steady breath, shot... a lot. I was doing just fine until a very tall gentlemen lifted his son onto his shoulders right in front of me. Considering my options I realized the boy would be in every frame. He was jumping around so composing with him would've been difficult. I could neither move left or right. I decided the only option left was to shoot the castle in silhouette. Reframe, reset, shoot and pray. Chimping all the while. Despite the setbacks the Wishes fireworks show was magical and I came away with "Cinderella's Castle in Silhouette" as a photo keeper.


  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    That is awfully good for a D200 at ISO 800. I like this time in the show when they leave the lights off the castle.

  2. Thanks Scott! Leaving the lights off really helped me out that night;)

  3. Beth D.10:15 AM

    Another beautiful shot!  I just love the fireworks, but I particularly love the silhouette of the castle here.  

  4. DebSays1:11 PM

    Thanks Beth! I'm going to include this one in the article for you on Monday with the tips:)


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