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Almost Wordless Wednesday - Wishes

Welcome, so glad you stopped by The Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop here at Focused on the where each week we gather to link up and share our #WW #DisneySide Wordless Wednesday or Almost Wordless Wednesday Disney related picture posts.

Our theme this week is "Love This!". I find myself saying it each time I experience Wishes the nighttime fireworks extravaganza in Magic Kingdom park.

Oh, a world of wishes, A world where dreams come true.
So make a wish, see it through.
Dare to do what dreamers do.
Cinderella Castle, Wishes the nighttime fireworks extravaganza in Magic Kingdom park.

What you'll experience:
The sky is the stage during this must-see 12-minute spectacular as rockets explode around Cinderella Castle. You'll hear a medley of famous Disney songs and the voices of Disney characters featuring Jiminy Cricket and the Blue Fairy as they celebrate the power of believing!

Arrive early if you would like to be up close to the castle. There really isn't a bad view as long as you are facing the castle and able to look up. Look for Tinkerbell's flight to the right of the castle. The closer you are the better it is to see. The end of Main Street, USA or the train station provides a wonderful panoramic view away from the castle crowds.

Stay late. As soon as the show ends a mass exodus begins. This is a great time to grab a snack, shop or visit attractions that earlier had long queues. 

Now it's time to link up your Disney photos and hop with us.

We're hopping all week so don't feel as though you've missed the Linky party if you don't post today.
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