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Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia ~ SpectroMagic

Did you know? 

In 1991 SpectroMagic debuted as the nightime parade in The Magic Kingdom as part of the Walt Disney World 20th Anniversary Celebration. It was one of the 20 Spectacular Surprises introduced for the celebration. SpectroMagic has been in hiatus since the summer of 2010, replaced by The Main Street Electric Parade.
The SpectroMagic parade has a running time of 20 minutes starting on Main Street, USA and ending in Frontierland. It uses 100 miles of glittering Fiber-optic strands to adorn the bedazzling 36 parade units which have 600,000 twinkling miniature lights.
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 This picture was taken on the bridge to Liberty Square, my favorite place to photograph SpectroMagic and The Main Street Electric Parade. It will get very crowded around parade time so plan on securing a spot at least 1/2 hour ahead of  time. You won't want to miss a minute of the nighttime parades!
Have a Tiggerific Day!
Focused on the Magic Deb
 Focused on the Magic Disney Tiggerific Trivia fun


  1. Great tip for a spot to see the parade! 100 miles of fiber-optic strands? I had no idea! That's amazing!

  2. You bet! That's where you'll find me come parade time:) Isn't it fun learning all this trivia? I love this hop!

  3. Gorgeous shot! That's a lot of lights! Thanks for linking up today :)

  4. What a great piece of trivia this week! And a beautiful picture to go along with it! We haven't seen a nighttime parade for a few years - we'll have to make sure to do so next time - now that I know where to stand for the best pictures!


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