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Wordless Wednesday ~ Voices of Liberty

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by Focused on the Magic.com
Welcome to The Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop here at Focused on the Magic.com where each week Disney Bloggers gather to blog hop, link up and share their Disney Wordless Wednesday or Almost Wordless Wednesday Disney related picture posts.

It's a fun blog hop for sharing your Disney memories and pictures. There's a theme each week that you can follow if you wish. Facebook pictures, Twitter, Tumblr, RedditFlickr or video posts are all welcome. You can even email your pictures and I will be happy to add them to this page. 

The theme for this week's Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, 10/24/12 is

"Disney Attire or Costuming"

The most beautiful costumes in Disney World are worn by the Voices of Liberty. Since this is supposed to be wordless I'll keep my comments short -- Don't touch these American Adventure treasures!

Voices of Liberty Focused on the Magic

Time to hop...

You don't have to post along with the theme, but your picture post does have to be Disney related. This is a Disney WW Blog Hop after all!
  • The Disney Wordless Wednesday 411 page has been set up to answer your questions. It is also where you will find a list of upcoming themes. If you still have questions feel free to email me.
  • No linky posts are allowed (it would take away from the other bloggers linked up here) and only add a direct URL to the post.
  • I love to read your comments! Please leave a comment below after you link up and tell me what you think of the theme, my picture and whatever else is on your mind this week! 
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Disney Worldess Wednesday Blog hosted by Focused On The Magic



Have a Pixie Dusted Day.

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  1. They sure do dress very fancy. It looks pretty cool though...I could almost see myself wearing something like that. Ummm...the men's suits....not the dresses.

  2. Average Traveller1:46 AM

    Thanks for hosting this hop. I've got loads of new and old Disney pics and I'm hoping that some of them will be a good fit!

  3. Love the theme! The costumes for the Voices of Liberty are beautiful. I hope they never change them. Thanks for hosting!

  4. Disney Gal Jusy7:23 AM

    Deb, Love your photo and the theme. The Voices of Liberty are great to just sit a listen too! Thanks for hosting!

  5. TheAngelForever7:40 AM

    This makes me want to see The Voices of Liberty again since it has been so many years. Thank you again for hosting the fun :)

  6. Love Voices of Liberty!

  7. Grisel Rey8:44 AM

    Love your pic! I can't believe that I've never seen them....a must see next time we go :)

  8. I've never seen them, either. I think that's a must-do next time! :)

  9. Wouldn't it be fun to dress up like that every day? So beautiful!

  10. Love listening to the Voices of Liberty!

  11. Haven't seen Voices of Liberty perform in such a long time- it's going on our list for the next trip for sure. Great picture! Thanks for hosting!

  12. Holly Anderson12:05 PM

    Can't wait to see the Voices of Liberty on our trip next month! Their costumes are so beautiful, but I've always wondered if it's hard to sing in them - do you think the women have to wear corsets under those dresses?

  13. What incredibly gorgeous gowns.

  14. DIStherapy9:03 PM

    Boy, I'd love to try on one of those dresses! We finally got to hear Voices of Liberty in Disneyland in July- SO worth the wait!!

  15. Mary @ The World Is A Book2:58 AM

    Beautiful! this was such a great theme. I've never seen Voices of Liberty but will need to carve out time during the next visit and will pay special attention to their costumes. Love the period costumes!


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