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Tuesday Trivia ~World Showcase

Did you know? There's a reason why the Epcot Imagineers constructed the Canada Pavilion and Mexico Pavilion in World Showcase in their respective locations.
Epcot World Showcase Mexico Pavilion Focused on the Magic
These two countries border the United States to the north and south. If you go left or right entering the World Showcase you will visit one of our neighbors first.

I found out that bit of trivia with Lou Mongello's WDW Disney World Trivia iPhone app

Have a Tiggerific Day!
Focused on the Magic Deb
 Focused on the Magic Disney Tiggerific Trivia fun


  1. Too bad they couldn't have laid it out so that Canada was to the north and Mexico to the south! I love World Showcase! Thanks for linking up this week, Deb!

  2. I know, that would've been very cool! Thank you for hosting each week. I love participating!

  3. Gotta love those Disney details!


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