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Photo Flashback ~ Herbie, The Love Bug

Welcome to Disney Photo Flashback where each Friday we share and link up with Disney friends to share our Disney photos from past trips. This blog hop will start on Friday each week and stay open throughout the weekend giving all of us plenty of time to leisurely look back at our favorite Disney memories.
I hope you will join us on our photographic journey.

Today we're taking a look back at Herbie, the most famous Love Bug of the 60's. We always 
looked forward to seeing Herbie perform his stunts in the Lights, Motors Action! Stunt Show. 

Herbie had been featured in the show since it's debut in 2005. It's too bad he was replaced last June by Lightening McQueen as "the star car". As much as I love Lightening McQueen, it's just not the same.
If you haven't seen the Lights, Action, Motors! stunt show yet, you really should. There's usually a bit of a wait (during SWW they were testing out the new FP) but once you are in the ampitheater, there is always plenty of seating. Keep in mind there are poles in various places that might get in the way of your picture taking pleasure. This show is a must do for us, especially during the summer.

Now we have a video of Herbie's segment of the show that was replaced with a "Cars 2" segment, featuring Lightning McQueen.

Thanks orlandoparksnews for sharing this video with us. Check out their other awesome videos.

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  1. Herbie has special significance for us. The first movie we took our daughter to see was Lady and the Tramp, which she enjoyed. However there was a second movie on the bill. Since she was young we decided to time it to see Lady and the Tramp first, so if she got restless during the second feature we could leave. The second movie was Herbie Goes Bananas (yeah, I know) but she loved it and sat through it without a peep. Of the two, it was her favorite.

  2. I never saw the show with Herbie.  But with a son who loves (and maybe I could even say is obssessed with) Lightning McQueen, it is a favorite of his.  I personally was a huge fan of Herbie when I was little from the time I got the book from the Disney Book of the month club.  It is a little worn at this point, but it is definitely a story my kids enjoy hearing.

  3. MouseFanDiane9:47 PM

    I loved Herbie in the show, I'M SO GLAD WE GOT TO SEE HIM A FEW TIMES.., he has special meaning for us. Miss him in the show ;-)


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