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Almost Wordless Wednesday ~ Disney Social Media Magical Memories

Focused on the Magic

Welcome to The Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop here at Focused on the Magic where each week we gather with other Disney Bloggers to link up and share our Wordless Wednesday or Almost Wordless Wednesday Disney related picture posts.
This week's theme: Social Media Disney Memories

You are probably wondering just what I'm talking about. Well, I thought it would be fun to share pictures we've put up on all the different social media sites with links to them. For mine I wanted to share Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Facebook pictures with you in an image map, something I just started learning how to do. I had it all set up with some great pictures and links to all the places where you could find the pictures and the inevitable happened.. the code didn't work. I do hope you will follow, like me and please sign up for our new E-Newsletter anyway. You can find the links in the sidebar.

After my code failure I started thinking about all the wonderful people I've met over the years through Disney social media at meet ups in the parks. I knew then I had to share some of the pictures from our magical gatherings.

As you can imagine, I have tons of pictures from those get-togethers. Even after losing some to the computer crash I still have tons. There just wasn't enough room in this little collage to fit all of the pictures. I could literally fill a book! So, if you don't see yourself pictured here I'm very sorry. You will be featured the next time we visit this topic/theme. Thank you so much to everyone I've had the pleasure of meeting in the parks and for all the wonderful memories over the years. Hugs all around!! XXOO

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