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Disney Animal Kingdom Resort Photo Fun in the Rain

 Tips for Disney Summer Rain!

It's summertime in Orlando - hazy, hot and humid.  The Africa hot temperatures may reach 90º but it feels like 103º! As if that isn't enough to wilt any diehard park hopper, there's high humidity! Touring the parks during the summer months for some is their only option during the year. Personally, I'd rather go during the summer than not go at all but my Dear Hubbly (DH) feels quite differently. So, for the past five summers I've spent a week in Walt Disney World with one or both of our boys while DH opts for joining us on our much cooler October or February trips.

During the summer crowd levels in the parks build throughout the day along with the humidity. Combine the crowds, high temps, high humidity and you have a pretty sticky situation for all and a increased probability of rain. Just about everyday in fact. When it rains in Orlando it's pours! A sprinkling summer shower can turn into a monsoon.

Don't let rain dampen your magical summer vacation! With a little planning you can still have a great time and capture the memories as well!

Ziplock bags are your rainy day friend and boys don't wear ponchos! Just saying;) In case they give in I'm prepared with a tote bag full of ponchos , small ziplock bags for phones and small electronics, an umbrella and a small towel.

I actually had someone ask me where they could buy one of those, pointing to my camera bag wrapped in a waste basket bag! I explained I'd brought it from home but that they could ask Mousekeeping for a similar size waste basket bag. Tip: Only use the parks shopping bags for dry items not as a "wet" bag. The dye could transfer and ruin anything inside if it gets wet.

I've learned to adapt our touring plans accordingly. I try to know the closest air conditioned attractions, shops and restaurants to seek shelter in while playing the waiting for the rain or lightening to stop. This doesn't sound like much fun but it really is. It's all in your frame of mind. We rode Toy Story Mania twice in a row last August during one such monsoon. Another time DSs did a rain dance backward in the rain, hoping it would stop. Unfortunately my camera was inaccessible at the time or I would've snapped a few good ones. It was wrapped in waterproof bags and tucked away. Which brings me to one of my favorite things to do in the parks and that is of course taking pictures!!

To get some great pictures in The Animal Kingdom go against the flow!  The flow of guests running for the gates and buses that is. Don your rain poncho, secure your camera bag in a 2 gallon Ziplock bag and a garbage bag wrap and make a mad dash for the safari ride.

Warning! Animal Kingdom is slippery when wet!! Those little hills that you hadn't noticed before become moguls in the rain. Especially when you're pushing a teenage boy in a wheelchair!

Because the queue for the safari is under an awning and the ride is covered you can  take your DSLR out and shoot away! The animals love the rain!

Today's Takeaway:

  • Carry gallon size ZipLoc bags or small garbage bags to protect your gear.
  • Use a faster shutter speed than you normally would for movement and darker conditions.
  • Use your flash for fill inside the safari truck.
  • Pack at least two micro towels. One to wipe your camera and one to wrap your camera.
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  1. Distherapy11:05 AM

    Boy, given what the folks in Orlando are experiencing this week, your tips sure are timely!  I agree, when it rains at WDW, go with the flow; preparedness is key!! 

  2. Claudia11:50 AM

    I love this pictures, Thank you for sharing this post

  3. you cant even tell it's raining!:) awesome pics


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