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Photo Flashback Friday ~ Flights Of Wonder

Focused on the Magic Flashback Friday LogoIt's Photo Flashback Friday! Time to once again enter the Wayback Machine and have another look at our old Disney photos.
Today's flashback photos are from a magical trip we took with my sister and her family. It was an eventful, magical trip with lots of lasting memories but one stuck out in my head. We were standing in front of Flights Of Wonder at Animal Kingdom in Disney World.
My son, nieces and nephews were all excited about the show, Flight of Wonder. They had read about it and thought it sounded interesting and wondered why it wasn't on our touring plans. What they didn't know was that my sister is terrified of birds.
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 Ever since we were little she's been creeped out by them. We had parakeets growing up and she saw the movie Birds and well somewhere along the way something must've snapped or bitten. We decided we didn't want to spoil everyones fun so my sister, who's a good sport, agreed to go in if we sat in the back. It had been awhile since I had seen it and totally forgot that sitting in the back doesn't mean you won't be close to the action.

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*spoiler alert* Everyone was having a great time (even my sister) enjoying the show until the part where the giant bird swoops down over the audience. The audience cheered loudly while my sister gasped and choked back a scream! After the show we all agreed it was a great experience, even my sister!!! 
Flights of Wonder is an interesting, educational and wonderful show. Don't exclude it from your touring plans..even if you are afraid of birds;)
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  1. We stumbled upon Flights of Wonder one trip by accident and let me just say, it is now one of our favorite things to do in Walt Disney World.  Good for your sister heading in to the show so everyone could enjoy it!  I can only imagine how she felt as the bird swooped over! :-)  What a great family memory!

  2. I'm a west coast gal so I have never seen this! Those are great pictures of the birds and a wonderful story!

  3. MouseFanDiane11:35 AM

    I love Flights of Wonder, the Birds are amazing. I love the Parrot ~~ Beautiful

  4. What a great show Flights Of Wonder is! It's one of those attractions that gets easily overlooked.

  5. Thanks Pam! I hope you get a chance to visit Animal Kingdom, it's awesome!

  6. The parrot colors are amazing. I can't imagine how exciting it would be to see them in the wild!!


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