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On Safari in Harambe with Pursuing the Magic

Today, you can find me over at Pursuing the Magic as part of Beth's On Safari in Harambe series. I will be sharing photography tips to help you capture great memories on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride in Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom. CLICK HERE to head on over and enjoy! 

Self Portrait, Kilimanjaro Safari, Disney World, Florida
Self portraits are a way of getting in the picture when traveling solo. Pin It

Have a Magical Day!  
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  1. Love thos photo!  I want one of myself now.

  2. Thanks, that was taken on my solo trip! The only good part about sitting up front..well, that and it's not as bumpy. I rather take the bumps though and get better animal pictures!

  3. I know you're going to get a ton of people saying this but that is an amazing pic!

  4. MouseFanDiane1:50 PM

    That is one awesome photo. It does capture the magic you had on safari  ;-)

  5. Wow! Thanks Dana!!  *blushing*

  6. Thanks Diane! It was magical and very different riding the safari solo. I can't wait to do it again!


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