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Fall at Washington's Crossing

It's Foto Friday and it's Veteran's Day! Today is a day to honor and remember the men and woman who have served in our armed services and who have fought for our nation's freedom. Since it is also Foto Friday I thought I'd share pictures from a beautiful fall afternoon at Washington's Crossing, PA.

On Christmas night 1776 General George Washington and the men of the Continental Army and militia crossed the Delaware River and marched to Trenton, New Jersey.

There they attacked and defeated Hessian troops. The Crossing and the Trenton/Princeton campaign have become known as the Ten Crucial Days — a campaign that saved Washington's army from defeat, allowing them to fight another day and achieve ultimate victory.

All the pictures were taken at the park except for the pumpkins pics. Those are my homegrown pumpkins sitting on my back deck. The "artsy" pics were done using PS Elements:D I bet you're wondering how this post could possibly be Disney related. Well, it was on the park bench that I sat dreaming about my next trip...Always dreaming!
Thanks for stopping by.  Have a Disney Day! 


  1. Beth D.1:59 PM

    Beautiful photos, Deb! 

  2. Thanks Beth!! It's such a beautiful park in the fall!!

  3. These pictures are gorgeous!  Frame-worthy!

  4. Wow, thanks Heidi! Haven't framed any but did use one as a fall screensaver:)

  5. Manda6:16 AM

    These are gorgeous Debs!! You're such a talented photographer! :D


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