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Silent Sunday ~ Mistifying Tiki

Silent Sunday

Do you have pictures that *speak* for themselves? Photos that stand alone without words.

 I've been sharing mine on Silent Sundays for a while now and thought you might like to join me. I would love to see yours! 

Silent Sunday is different from Wordless Wednesday in that, there is no theme, no title and not a single word with each picture. The picture speaks for itself. 

It's not a contest, just a fun creative challenge each Sunday. A break from blogging articles but who knows maybe seeing a picture may inspire you to write a post.

So, you're all invited to link up and share your silent pictures or stop by on Sunday and leave a comment.

There are just a few simple rules if you link up:
  • Link to one Disney related photo on your blog, Facebook, Twitpics, Flickr etc.
  • No words in the post just the picture. Let that one picture speak for itself.
  • The link must go directly to your Silent Sunday post. No link exchange posts or ads. 
  • You must own the picture. No "borrowing". 
  • Add the button to your post. I'll make a smaller less intrusive one in the future. There will be no words so this is the only way for people to find more Silent Sunday photos.

A few ideas* inspirational scene, kids having fun, funny expressions, tasty long as it's Disney related. 

Focused On The Magic


Have fun, let your creativity fly...silently!


  1. MouseFanDiane1:37 PM

    Really cool pictures, Debs. I love the steam coming out, very mystical...

  2. DebSays3:29 PM

    That mist is so refreshing to stand under... not good for the camera though.


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