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The Crowning of Disney Princess Rapunzel

Rapunzel's coronation ceremony was a banner success (we all knew it would be) as she became the 10th Disney Princess at Kensington Palace in London. All the Disney Princesses were in attendance as well as The Fairy Godmother. The royal procession arrived by horse drawn carriages with great fanfare and crowds of fans lining the streets of London. A beautiful and elegant coronation ceremony befitting a Disney princess followed. Rapunzel gave a few after the ceremony which are captured in the first video.

Thanks to InsideTheMagic and Classy Mommy for sharing their great coverage of this special event!

Brought to us by Disney ~ uploaded by InsideTheMagic 

Brought to us by Classy Mommy who was fortunate to attend the ceremony! Uploaded by mikepadilla1

Don't those little girls in the audience look thrilled and excited to be there?


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