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Saturday Shorts ~ Mission Space

Today we're focusing once again on space. From the real life adventures aboard the NASA space shuttle, STS-135 to a ride on Epcot's Mission Space

Our first clip is Sir Paul McCartney waking the crew of the space shuttle. I know celebrities do it all the time and it's prerecorded but to me it's still very exciting. It's also great to see Sir Paul do what he does best!

This is the daily recap of flight STS-135.

One of the most thrilling attractions in Epcot is Mission Space.It's a 5.5 minute simulator ride that mimics a space flight to MarsI've had the opportunity to ride it a few times and each time has been a unique experience for me. Maybe because I travel through space with different people each time. 

The most memorable experience was with DS, the race car driver and his former girlfriend. DS sat in the middle position and immediately took control of all dials, buttons and switches. It was fine with us!! I got a chance to sit back and relax (if possible) and enjoy the G forces. This ride has two levels. I've yet to do the milder version but would suggest it for anyone with even mild motion sickness. Poor girlfriend's tummy can attest to that. BTW, there are places to "freshen up" upon exiting;) 

Thanks to our friends at InfoMouse for taking us along for a ride on Mission Space today. Let the adventure begin......


  1. I only did that once.. in '04 or '05.. when there was only 1 option.. I can still feel it. I can't handle that ride!

  2. I have been very scared to go on Mission Space, but my husband and daughter went on she was only 9 and didn't bother her at all. LOL
    Love the post Deb.

  3. Hi Jenn, It is very intense and not a ride I'd do first thing in the morning after a big breakfast:P

    Thanks Diane, My DH has ridden it once. He enjoyed it but he gets terrible motion sickness. That was enough for him.

  4. I've yet to do this one... Maybe next time, but I'm really in no hurry for it.


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