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Magical Memories Monday with Miyuki, The Candy Lady

Today we're exploring the magic in Epcot's Japanese pavilion with "The Candy Lady", Miyuki Sugimori. An amazing candy artist who learned the art from her grandfather an expert candy artist in Tokyo.

Crowds would always gather around to watch as Miyuki started with just a small warm ball of rice starch and corn syrup, food coloring and a few simple tools to create intricately detailed candy creatures. The process appeared to be similar to pulling taffy. 
You would see her squeezing, stretching and pulling to make the mixture pliable and to release any air bubbles that might form. 

Once it was the right consistency she put it on a chopstick and started sculpting away moving very quickly. Miyuki made a menagerie of horses, sharks, pandas, fish, zebras, elephants, 
penguins, birds and well just about anything.

Requests were taken from the audience. My kids have watched her many times over the years but were always too quiet or shy to make a request. They're just happy to watch. Here she's putting the finishing touches on a unicorn, one of her crowd favorites.
Epcot's Japanese pavilion with "The Candy Lady",  Miyuki Sugimori.
 Throughout the process Miyuki explains to her captive audience the process and history behind her craft. Occasionally she'll mix in a few songs all the while molding, pulling and shaping her candy. 
Masayo Kano last day at Epcot was Saturday November 23, 2013.

Need more? Check out CandyMiyuki on YouTube to see a candy book creations.  Miyuki's  fan group on  Facebook a fan group with pics and comments.  

Did you enjoy seeing Miyuki and her candy creations?
Magical Memories Monday



  1. I have not seen her yet, but definitely need to add this to our to do list for our next trip!

  2. Anonymous11:04 AM

    We always stop to see Miyuki if we happen to pass by when she's out. We've even been lucky enough to snag one of her sweet treats. We received it from a couple of very nice women who had just realized they would not be able to take their candy eagle on the airplane without damaging it. This happened not long after my daughter (3yo at the time) cried her eyes out because we didn't get a treat from Miyuki. The couple didn't know about my daughter's the gifting was coincidental...or maybe it was magical. Made me tear up...a lot-happy tears. But I had just downed a glass of Asti Spumante from Italy too.

    Did I over estimate your curiosity? Sorry. Nice post Deb. :o)

  3. Sadly we missed her twice while there in May. She would just be packing her stuff up when we came by. I don't care if I have to camp out, we will be watching next time!


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