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The Love Bugs

The past few weeks Walt Disney World has seen more crowded restaurants, attractions, buses, boats and bugs. Yes bugs! The infamous Love Bugs! Not Herbie the Love Bug, although he is in the news of late, since Disney has announced he will be retired this month from the  Lights, Motors, Action-Extreme Stunt Show attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
The pesky little flying Love Bugs can be seen lovin’ it up airborne everywhere and there’s not much anyone can do but shoo them away and wipe them off the windshield. It has been reported on a few of the boards that this year isn't as bad as years passed. That's welcome news!
They’re annoying, weird and gross but most importantly (to me anyway) they don’t bite. Just be sure to shake out your shoes and bathing suits if you leave them on the balcony or patio of your resort. Even Disney World’s fastidious pest control has a difficult time controlling these amorous bugs. They're doing a phenomenal job. As soon as you go off WDW property you appreciate just how much they do.
Love Bugs aka March Flies appear in May and September not March as the name implies in droves. So, what are they doing, really? The short “G”version. After they “hook up”while airborne the male dies. The female continues to carry him around until she lays her eggs in vegetation on the ground. Need to know more: 

So, for a short time guests in WDW will have to put up with the Love Bugs. As quickly as they arrived, they’ll be gone. Unfortunately, we’ll have to say goodbye to Herbie the lovable Love Bug♥ forever as a star in the stunt show. 

Bye Herbie, we'll miss you ......but not the pesky Love Bugs.


  1. Totally HATE the love bugs... I know they don't bite, but they are SO annoying and they stick to EVERYTHING!
    I'm gonna miss Herbie at the Stunt Show, I loved when he "split in two" during the show. Bye bye, Herbie, you've worked really hard for the last 50 years, you deserve a good retirement. =)

  2. I'm Tigger hopping! Follow me too?

  3. Lorie - I agree they are gross!!LOL, Herbie in retirement:)

    Lisa- On my way!

  4. I'll miss Herbie too. I've never been during love bug season, I don't think I want too. :o)

  5. Melissa, They're annoying but I wouldn't forgo a trip to WDW because of them!! Little bugs won't keep me away:)


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