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Wordless Wednesday ~ A Flash From The Past

The year was 1991
 It was March and we were staying at the Contemporary.

Chef Mickey's character breakfast every day with Mickey waffles and plenty of characters.
Good times were recorded on VH-C by DH and a Nikon FE 35mm by me.

Enthusiastic hug from DS.....with his autograph pen in hand!!!!!

I can't believe I actually carried a Gucci purse around in the parks and those white pleated pants!
Ugh, I guess I am that old!!!!!!!!

It's 90s Week over at Sorcerer Radio .  Give a listen it's a blast from the past! 


  1. Too funny! The picture I posted today was from March of 1990 too! I'll take your pleated pants and Gucci purse over my big bangs! :-)

  2. I stand corrected! Just looked at the room card and it was 1991. Still doesn't make those white pants right, LOL. I'll gladly swap you the bangs but I'm keeping the Gucci purse!:=)At least we didn't have big hair and shoulder pads!

  3. Anonymous11:20 PM


    I'm Savannah from aglassslippervacation.com. My mom/partner and I are glad to be on the Magical Blogorail with you. I really enjoyed looking at your blog and will be sure to follow it and promote it on ours!

  4. I'm diggin' your hubby's & son's acid washed jeans too! Some fashions should have stayed in the 80s, huh ;)

    Already following you - welcome to the Magical Blogorail!


  5. Thanks Savannah, Jodi & Beth for the visit and warm Magical Blogorail welcome! I'm looking forward to reading and sharing your blogs:)

    Yes Jodi, some things are best left as dim memories;)


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