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Minnie Monday ~ Mail Forwarding

Most Disney World fans know by now that Minnie's Country House in Mickey's Toontown Fair has closed. I've been wondering where oh where is Minnie's mail being forwarded to? It has been widely reported that the cottage will remain on property. If it is it's an undisclosed location thus far. Minnie's cute little country cottage holds many cherished memories for my family. Even her little backyard was a magical place especially when Minnie appeared to greet Guests. The big move is filled with uncertainty and we're a little concerned. Will her precious possessions, like the portait of Clarabell Cow with the Hidden Mickey and the cool breeze refrigerator filled with cheesy food find their way safely to a spot in The Fantasyland Expansion? A transient Minnie will be making guest appearances throughout the Magic Kingdom until the spring of 2011. At that time she'll meet and greet Guests at the Town Square Exposition Hall. I just hope Goofy & Co. aren't entrusted with Minnie's move. We all know how Mickey's kitchen renovation went!

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