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Foto Friday ~ Animal Kingdom Safari Rocks

Nikon D200, Nikkor 18-200 VR @ 90mm, f10, ISO 400
Traveling along in a very bumpy safari truck I was able to snap a shot of these rock signs. They can be found just before the giraffes favorite feeding area. The attention Disney gives to theme detail always amazes me. Wherever possible they use authentic articles or in this case words. Ng'ombe is Swahilia for cow or beef and ziwa means lake.
Even with the safari truck bouncing and guests jostling you can get some interesting shots especially with a tele lens that has VR (vibration reduction).
My favorite time to ride the safari is right after it rains. The colors, animals and foliage seem to perk right up after the typical afternoon shower. When is your favorite time to take the safari ride?


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